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Monster Guy
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    And, because Lucas is not an idiot, I can make the reason for him eating the apple his irrational and impulsive self-destructive thoughts! Woo!
    I dare you to place your female characters on a scale like this. :p Why do I have the feeling that yours might be skewed heavily to the left? I chose one with Pokemon on it to give you a rough guide as to the "delineations"...I don't agree with Serperior and Virizion though. Serperior looks to be a 5-6 imo, and Virizion a 4-5. XD

    There should really be a male version. XD
    I was stalking your convo with Sletchie and can't help but say I really like how Max looks. And I'm tempted to write that AU fanfiction for you, except that I might butcher your characters. And my mom would be wondering why I'm writing a story about two guys falling for each other.


    I-I-I b-b-been a-a-cc-cc-epted. Th-this is like a h-historical m-moment. HISTORY!
    ... I have the sudden urge to draw this. Curse my mediochre art skills! (Also, yeah, Luc's almost typecast as Snow White, he's got the coloration for it.)
    Me neither. Like, I get it, sleep is for the weak, but like....... i'm pretty weak.........
    Hey Mon, Gligar's Island is up in the RP sign-up section. I'd would have had it up sooner but it was so rainy/windy the internet kept cutting out.
    I was really considering it, I was going to reserve compassion and banette, but... I really, really wanted to use Joshua, and so, I did. I chose togekiss for Joshie because Caleb had a Staraptor and Bird Pokemon, because togekiss are happy and joyful, and because it would fit Joshua's porcelain image.

    Yeah, they seem like opposite clones of each other... but then again, if you had used Max, I would use Lucas. Personally, I like Max just the way he is.
    Honestly, both ideas sound fantastic. Part of the reason why I made Joshie bi was on the chance that Cadence and Joshua find themselves as lovers. I mean, they both want love and like loving, so why not?
    Well, school stopping at age 14 in this universe is normal, just like stopping at age 18 is normal in ours. So to most people it's just normal and doesn't seem "too young". I wouldn't mind changing it so there's an optional high school or something though. Ultimately I wanted to give people an excuse to have young people already in established careers but everyone just seems to be making students anyways so whatever. xD
    By the way don't take my usertitle seriously. I just thought it went well with my avatar's facial expression. .__.
    He was goofy in his own way, the less obvious one.
    Either way, I totally Yolo'd on my character. Whadd'ya think?
    Exactly. I originally didn't want to go with one of the typical Schady characters, but it all just fit so well.
    He reminds me of Zack, only not a goofy supermodel.
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