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Monster Guy
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  • I guess but this looks so intimidating. I read both parts (Announcements and FAQ) twice and all the information is very hard hard to keep up with and I'm not known to keep a big memory like that (at least recently). It's as wordy as the Getting Started thread in PASBL and I kinda wish there was a more simpler way to understand all this. Like I said, I have always wanted to try everything this forum has to offer and I do think RPGs sound fun. The approach to it? Gah. ;_;

    On an unrelated note, this is Tim and Moby. This was also a part of my childhood/adolescent-hood. :p
    Slim Schadey told me to do this since he told me you could help (I lazily copied+pasted this):

    I will say this though and don't take this the wrong way but...


    I mean I'm not a lazy reader/writer don't get me wrong but all these Role Plays I have looked at in the past, they're long, scary, and...impossible. I thought they were supposed to be more simpler than this (not to the point where it's made for two-year olds of course ;p) but tell me your secret on how to do these Role Plays? From my active time in 2012, I have found no simple answer to how this all works.

    Now don't worry it's not the only thing I find scary and hard to learn...look at the PASBL and its Getting Started thread.

    tl;dr Help me understand this! I've yearned to try almost everything this place has to offer but Role Plays (and fanfiction) are the only ones I haven't tried yet and who even knows how to get accepted in Fizzy Bubbles. We've been best friends since the Golden Age so hopefully you'll understand my confusion.
    I knoooow. I can only go so far with his history until my question is answered. Where does Caleb's Staraptor go????
    I was thinking the same thing, wasn't it just, like, 9:00? Does writing really take that much time?? :V
    Are you going to respond to FTFE? There's going to be a month gap in posts as of tomorrow.
    You're welcome and hope you don't mind that I nominated you in the SPPf Members Face-Off. :p
    You didn't say it had to be Pokemon. :p
    Touchè man, touchè.

    Not accustomed to how this game works yet, so learning by doing, I guess.
    Oy, I had an exam today and party in the evening, I've been busy lol.
    Sorry i forgot your big day tho.... 10. October, eh? cool date.
    I WILL KISS THEM ALSO. do not underestimate me. (all of them. i guess that means including ama but i have made my bed.)
    Random sayings? Like, "Some people just need a high five in the face" kind of sayings?
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