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Monster Guy
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    That was more than a month ago. At this point it could be all of them. :p

    That was so long ago, it was already cleaned. :p
    i don't need ur sass, mon :p
    Because I'm the worst and I was working on ART. And by now, it's only 1:00a for me!
    Their final evolutions are my cat, Leo DiCaprio, and the most beautiful and graceful creature ever to inhabit the pokemon world.

    Saaaame. I can really see it going Water/Fairy, it has the airy feel to it that most other fairies have. I think Litten will end up either Fire/Dark or straight up Fire.
    I know!! But like, I wanna hug Litten's evolution because it reminds me of my own cat, Popplio's evolution looks so perfect and beautiful and she deserves the world, and Rowlet's evolution looks like Leonardo DiCaprio! How can this get any better?
    In that case, do you think the first episode of actions should include both teams or just Osbourne?
    It is not hatred, it is more of a sort of annoyance.
    People will never let that go.

    I can't simply write up a post. You're a good RP'er, you know that.

    dangnuggets... I'll take a look at it tomorrow.
    I'll get that done, forget about it.

    I can't right now lol. Gotta get in the mooode lol

    Did i not post there recently?
    Because douche forgot our mothers birthday because his daughter learned to walk and I will never forgive him.

    I know, I know. I'm gonna wait it out for 1-2 more days tho. If not, I'll improvise.

    But hoe? Except form a comedic goodbye from his parents, what can i do. lol
    We should have a backup-plan in case he doesn't come through, I feel. (Sorry Sketch, when you read this)

    Heroes academia? I dont wanan post yet, i've no idea how to post yet lol
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