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Monster Guy
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  • Soo, nothing is going to happen at our apparent murder-party?
    we should get things happening at Mythos.
    Yooo I'm alive and will post tomorrow just so ya know!

    **** sorry though I guess I. Disappeared again. 8I
    I think that if they were lazy but were pressured to have an even split, Twilight would've been male over Pinkie! Purple is actually pretty neutral...not always girly. Between pink on pink and purple with some blue...I guess the latter codes more "male". Plus, it's easy to make a fashionably "preppy"/nerdy guy. Everyone has fabric shoes? Damn, I thought Twilight's looked like covered plastic! I actually love that Rainbow Dash wears mostly black/gray here! Trust me, something that's mostly light blue and incorporates sweats would inevitably look a lot more like PJs. Light blue is the default color of PJs in most people's minds, and sweats are usually worn as PJs these days...do the math. Using black/gray allows the outfit to look more like athletic wear. Colored stripes down the sides of the sweatpants, and rainbow-colored cords would look pretty cool, though! XD

    I'm the opposite! Rainbow Dash, AJ and Twilight are my favorites...in just about every way! XD
    Just got off from a really tough test literally an hour ago! XD Had to study for that long enough! XD

    Wow...those look so cool! I'm actually impressed that they made more guy dolls than girl dolls, and also made Rarity and Pinkie Pie male! Any lazier toymaker would choose Dashie, AJ and Twilight to be the guys. >_> I also love that Fluttershy looks more like a hipster/boho model than a dowdy sort, because people seem to draw human Fluttershy wearing some variation of an ugly, baggy yellow sweater rather than nice clothes! I always pictured Fluttershy as boho/hipster, so this is so much better. One nitpick, though...the Rarity one's shoes look like bedroom slippers...expensive bedroom slippers, but still! I think it's the "plush" looking material! They could've given him pointed white dress boots or less bulky loafers! XD
    I didn't live stream it. I was pretty tired tbh

    I'll catch up on Netflix. :p

    I wanted more Jafar ;-;
    OMG stop releasing all the good Pokemon. Especially Oranguru who keeps making me do things twice. :[

    Wait releasing Oranguru might be a good thing...

    Oh nice I'm another addition to the Midnight Lycanroc pack that's after you!
    Damn, that's just weird...I think OUAT is a show for everyone! Nothing in its marketing says that it's a show with a mainly female target audience (unlike, say, PLL or something), so I don't see the reason why they'd use girls' sizes...most stores that sell march use unisex sizing, from my experience, unless it explicitly is designed for a girl's body. T-shirts are supposed to be...t-shirts, unisex! >.<

    Unless of course, it's a Hot Topic thing, as their primary customer base caters to females? I don't think it should be an excuse though, as there's a new collection coming out...and they have Hook-inspired coat for both guys and girls (I'm so getting one...I want to be slutty Hook for Halloween). Then again...why don't they have Regina-inspired stuff coming out for guys? Or why not even Emma's jacket for guys? The cut works for both sexes! :O
    And you1re... A doggie.
    fun fact: my childhood doggie died last week. lol, it's one of those days, I guess.
    Right, I forgot that you actually know Spanish! XD Old ladies are nosy though! Set in "usual, common" mindsets too. >_>
    Damn, cashiers sure are nosy...c'mon, adult collectors and male collectors are actually so common that they should know better than to ask or judge, for that matter! >_>
    What can I say, it's a power trip and an aphrodisiac.

    Me too, bud, me too. Except I have no free time. Cries.
    The above user lives for the applause, applause, applause
    they live for the applause-plause, live for the applause-plause
    Live for the way that you cheer and scream for them
    The applause, applause, applause
    Oh, but hon, you're completely and totally right, that's exactly what I live for.
    It is when you're onstage.

    Yeah! And I'm almost ready to reply to something else! I'm like, 80% done. I'm coming back, just slowly.
    I mean, my heart's beating, but I'm really not feeling this whole alive thing. Y'know?
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