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Monster Guy
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  • My avatar is cute, this sh*t is like.. hot lol.
    shush you, I keep my phones for as long as they live. Its screen broke a week ago tho, so gonna get a new one for christmas.
    As much as I like good fanart, could you please post images in spoilers? the size of it nerf up my phone (Which I normally use for forum stuff lol), not to mention the borderline inapproperiate content.
    I totally didn't save the image to my computer tho.

    Because it feels blue when it has to actually move.
    God damnit, why do you have the perfect answer for everything xP.

    I wanted to do a winners tournament after round 16, but idk how that'll work with half the tournament being you!
    that is the face of "I will paralyze you and then flinch you until you die"

    and it looks happy as it does it.
    pffft ok this conversation wasn't as long as I remember:

    Monster Guy - 27th July 2015 3:37 PM

    Hey, I never said fairies were overrated! Imo it's the best type in the metagame.. Which makes sense because it exists to balance out the metagame lol. The actual fairy-type pokemon would be totally meh without the typing except for like.. Azumarill xD and maybe klefki and whimsicott only because of prankster.
    And Togekiss!

    Tangeh - 27th July 2015 3:40 PM
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    Screw anybody who uses togekiss LOL damn annoying thing that is. Although that's totally my fault for favouring slower pokemon... :p

    Monster Guy - 27th July 2015 3:44 PM

    Or not using Electric and Ground types who are immune to Thunder Wave apparently. :p

    Tangeh - 27th July 2015 3:48 PM
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    It's not the para I care about, it's the 60% flinch even without it. xD not that I can really say much, I haven't faced a togekiss in forevs.
    Mega Gardevoir, mega go to the family room, mega evolve a chair, and mega sit on it. :p

    Megaly! :p
    I mega like you
    Oh it would be the sunset/sunrise and you would be at a beach. I then would jump out of the water and you take that photo of me. Afterwards I would land back in the water only to injure a Wishiwashi and said Wishiwashi would turn into its School form and try to eat me.

    I can already imagine it. Andre being fab and all and Zack like "Oh my god he actually looks like that" cringes a moment before getting back into character lol
    It's not supposed to be attractive. Fashion is a lot like other things in life, a wild belief without logic.
    Would be fun tho, don't you agree? The radiant Hero Andre, trying to liberate the land from the tyrannical emperor Zack! (or other in-character names idunno lol)
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