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Monster Guy
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  • I know right? lol.

    Because it is fashionable to wear it like this Mon plz we talked about this. It fits him well. Minimalistic, dark and chique
    Evil emperor, Zack. huehuehue
    Y'know, I can get behind that plot. Evil emperor Zack with his Houndoom or something and mediocre acting, while Flamboyant Andre is.. well, Andre

    Mimikyu is adorable! end of discussion.
    That didn't stop them from casting Cara Delevingne in Suicide Squad now, did it? lol.
    I smell fun plot, especially if their shiny Gardevoir and Gallade also star. Could be medieval themed or something!
    Mimikyu just wanna be loved. I need one in my game and i ned to love it unconditionally!

    It is just adorable!
    Wait one can take photos of Pokemon in Sun/Moon?

    YES! Now you can take an awesome snapshot of me in the ocean!
    Now, that would be weird. I am thinking something like a friendly rivalry thing. Maybe Zack co-starred in a movie? lol

    Wow. that's it? lol. No love for Sandygast?
    I have no idea lol. just throwing out ideas

    What are your thoughts on the Alolan pokemon so far?
    speaking of nothing, we could make a personal RP with Zack and Andrè or something. That would be fun lol.
    Considering we are the only survivors of the RP Section massacre.
    I'll see if i can get the time for it. I need to do a lot of things.
    Besides my two urgent essays, I also got sick a few days ago.
    Eh. Think Team Rocket-level of disguising. Besides, very few people in the anime actually bothers with hiding their identity lol
    I am about 80% sure you'd do that only to bug me. lol

    fell off my Tv-show wagon a long time ago. Forgot what i was watching lol. Besides Salem, that was a good show.
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