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  • lol stop that.
    Finished my SU in Hero academia. Did you watch the anime too? It is pretty amazing actually.
    Sorry, I made a mistake in Ultimate Game Master. Infernobat. switched with Grey Walrus earlier. See my edited post for the correct Prize List.

    You can edit your post.
    I am aware I am laying behind. I'll see if i can get stuff done tomorrow, since I don't have school then.
    royally ever after apple is so regal looking, i love it! i hope i can find a less pricey one someday. i'd DIE to get my hands on the SDCC exclusive evil queen raven, but i'm not like, a millionaire lol.

    i hate molded on tights enough but molded plastic legs takes the cake!!! that's so frustrating, i don't know why they would do that - would giving him actual legs cost that much more? it looks ugly and ruins his flexibility, sigh. i'll never pretend to understand all of the decisions mattel makes, but i am thankful for most dolls being highly articulated. i guess you gotta take the rough with the smooth.

    i do have netflix, it's been on my my list since like, forever, i just haven't gotten around to it. if i do, i'll definitely be comparing the eah versions and the ouat versions!
    ive yet to see any actual reboot dolls out and about (i live in the UK, i don't know if we get them later or i've just been unlucky) so i'm waiting to see them myself before i really judge. the new faces are totally cute but i feel from the pictures ive seen they are missing personality, perhaps? but really i shouldn't complain bc pre-reboot dolls are hardly gonna just disappear over night, y'know?

    what's your fave eah doll? i have a signature look cerise and way too wonderland kitty, i really want an apple or a raven tbh... although i'd also ADORE a faybelle as i think she's perhaps my favourite character, i'm a sucker for mean cheerleader types. i love the outfits from epic winter but i've not actually seen the dolls for them yet, are they any good? i haven't seen the daring doll you're talking about but i'm definitely interested to see what they did with him, i hope it's not... terrible though. i'd probably have more eah dolls but i simply don't see them and i buy most of my dolls in person rather than online so. yknow.

    i wish i was rich so i could have more dolls in general though, i just adore both lines of dolls. collecting them is so fun and nothing feels better than buying a new one and getting it out of the box for me. i'm aware how sad that sounds i just feel passionately about dolls for teenage girls apparently

    i haven't watched once upon a time but a LOT of people have suggested i watch it, so maybe i should give it a shot. the concept is definitely interesting!
    me too! i have like, roughly 20 monster high dolls but only two eah dolls. i mean i love the show for eah a lot more as well as the characters, but mh has better character design/dolls imo. they're just more unique and i like the styling a bit more. how do you feel about the MH reboot? like, the animation for the movie looks really good but in general im apprehensive, i don't like the new style of the dolls so much personally.
    hey! i hope it isn't weird for me to message you out of the blue but i'd just like to say i love your sig! duchess is iconic and i'm really just happy to see any other eah fans tbh... do you like monster high too, or just eah? i love both!
    I apologize for the intense lack of updates in PBB. First I was busy dealing with the aftermath of my truck getting wrecked, then I was tied up into looking/getting a new vehicle. Now, updates were beginning to become consistent, but I am dealing with a sickness. I updated yesterday because I was feeling better, but today it has been even worse. I probably won't update today, but will try to tomorrow. My current plan is to update PBB once a day or every other day. 12 hour updates may still happen if we have enough votes and feel like it.
    I'll get on and actually focus when I get home. I've got a dance audition today, and biotech homework, but that's all that's stopping me.
    Nice! Glad they made a wide-release version of her...it only makes sense!

    Maybe you could rubber-band it? Put her other hand under the "holding" hand for support?
    Good to see you! Though you need to work on your Quirk in regards to stengths and weaknesses (he kinda reminds me of Creaty's Quirk and Sugar Man's Quirk so look at those on the wiki as well as general other Quirks.) Go into the details of it. Beyond that, you should probably make him younger, with 16 at most since it is a high school like setting. The outfit is good as long as it allows him to move and fight well.
    It's just not my thing. I don't like Disney all that much, and I don't like hordes of people.

    Alright, that's fair. I'm glad you didn't hate it. x)

    Oooh, yeah, that too.

    YES TWO WEDDINGS! perfect >:3c
    Oh yeah... like I probably said. I am leaving for Denmark on Thursday, I think we have internet there. dont know yet. Either way, I am bringing my Mac for schoolwork anyways, no worries.
    I'm not swift enough for that! In training though..
    Wait, what were we talking about.
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