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Recent content by Monster Guy

  1. Monster Guy

    *Heirs of the Nether Realm (Rated-R)*

    Prince Sky Sparkledust (Fairy) Frozen Waste Aeon suggested fighting... of course he did... Of course he probably enjoyed senseless bloodshed. Tassie went over to the yetis, and tried her best to talk to them, but she didn’t seem to have any luck. Laun took Aeon with him, and went off to talk to...
  2. Monster Guy

    If The Above Avatar Appears In Front Of You V2

    Pet the cat
  3. Monster Guy

    Marvel Universe Discussion Thread - **SPOILER WARNING** (movies, shows, etc.)

    I liked Wandavision so far, even though I feel like some of the humor was a little cringe in my opinion. I know sitcoms do that sometimes but it’s just personal opinion. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next.
  4. Monster Guy

    Lost Horizon: Guild Chat

    I’m assuming she uses that name in other things. Besides, she’s the closest thing to a celebrity we’ve got. Stella is one to fangirl. xD Um... I’m sorry. Stella’s a bit stuck up, and ogres are a monstoru species so... yeah... Good job on the posh American woman thing. Stella is supposed to...
  5. Monster Guy

    Lost Horizon: Guild Chat

    @Schade No one should be in a Guild yet...
  6. Monster Guy

    Lost Horizon: Guild Chat

    I’m help your character out! lol
  7. Monster Guy

    Lost Horizon

    Stella Gold / GoldStar LVL 1 Liliput Staff No Guild Equipment: Wpn: Oaken Staff Acc1: Apprentice's Robes Acc2: Silver Reliquary Equipped Spells: Crystal Arrow [1] Nightmare [1] Inventory: 1. Potion 2. Antidote 3. N/A 4. N/A 5. N/A The last thing Stella expected when she booted this game was to...
  8. Monster Guy

    Lost Horizon: Guild Chat

    So what should we be doing in out first posts? Edit: Never mind, I figured something out
  9. Monster Guy

    Lost Horizon: Guild Chat

    I know Stella will recognize Stardew Butterfly, and will be extremely judgemental towards Hotbabe69 and the players that chose Ogres.
  10. Monster Guy

    Lost Horizon: Guild Chat

    So while we’re waiting, let’s have a discussion in the discussion thread. Anyone wanna speculate what kind of interactions are characters will have?
  11. Monster Guy

    NightFall- A Superhero/Pokémon RPG [RP Thread] [M]

    Selena Diana Artemis/Luna Clefable Unknown place Leo Silverstone/Lionheart Gallade Unknown place Selena rolled her eyes at the blonde girl suggesting this whole situation might be fun. Hey, if she wanted to be an idiot, that was her choice. But she wasn’t about to be dragged into this mess. No...
  12. Monster Guy

    Hero Era - RP Thread - PG-13

    Danny Davis School Auditorium Danny looked at his fist than back at Skyler as he managed to make the bully topple. D-did I really just do that? There was no time to think about that. Skyler and his many arms tried to retaliat, but Abby pulled him aside, and defended. In the process, she...
  13. Monster Guy

    Lost Horizon: Guild Chat

    Hmm, what two beginning spells should I choose?
  14. Monster Guy

    Manaphy Mishap

    Cameron Mason Castelia City Piers – Harvest Festival Cameron and Melody walked out of Cafè Le'Pepè eating some macarons they bought from there. He got the idea after seeing an advertisement for the place land on his face. They also brought a bag with extras to have as a snack for later. Yes...
  15. Monster Guy

    Lost Horizon: Guild Chat

    I don’t have a spell to threaten them with. :P