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  • Hey, could you post soon in TTN V.3D? If you don't soon, I'm afriad you'll be suspended, which means you will have to show me your active and repost your sign-up. People are suspended if they haven't posted in a month.
    Hi, could post soon in the TTN RP? Its almost been a month, and if you go over, you character is temporairly suspended, which means you have to repost your sign-up.
    Could you post soon in the Teen Titans RP? I have to start removing people who haven't posted in a month or more. Your not there yet, but I'd hate to see you go.
    Since Reyes accepted Alex's offer, I'm going to proceed with a battle between, 'kay? I'll make the first though, just so you have something to work with.
    Ok, so: Dragons have tough scales that are hard to penetrate. Aden won't end up looking like a freakish lizard man, though. His skin will still resemble a human's but will be really tough, thus giving him better defences.

    He's also be able to fly when on a normal planet, something that apart form Anya (who is flying type) nobody else will be able to do. If they're in Space, they all float around. Aden and Anya will be faster in this environment.

    Aden will also, to an extent, be able to summon meteors (like Draco meteor) but when in physical contact will get into a rage that will be difficult to stop (Outrage).
    Your character has been accepted and ill add you to the confirmed character list. The official Rp is up and i suggest you read whats happened so far to catch up. Just have your character running late.
    Thx for taking interest!
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