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Last Activity:
Oct 2, 2019
Jun 21, 2013
Likes Received:
Virginia, USA

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Aura Trainer, from Virginia, USA

Moonclawz was last seen:
Oct 2, 2019
    1. Reisuke
      I can play around 8-9.30pm GMT +2. If not possible for you i'll see if i can be online during any specific time
    2. FairyWitch
      you welcome ^_^
    3. FairyWitch
      gave the win to you moon just didn't have time to get my team together good luck on your next match round 2 is up ^_^
    4. FairyWitch
      I will try to catch you later moon opening my league gyms for a bit then I will work on the time quick and then try to catch you tonight hopefully my boyfriend doesn't take the computer after work if he does crap ._. I may forfeit to you if that is the case.
    5. FairyWitch
      yeah sorry moon I totally forgot sorta I got home from a long day from work then went out to get a bit to eat and then toally forgot about it. I think I made the deadline tommorow but I can be on anytime tommorow if you can be on.
    6. FairyWitch
      if its gmt -5 after 7 pm that will be fine ;) I just hope my work doesn't hold me any longer which that happens alot when I close.
    7. FairyWitch
      hmmm friday I get off from work late and saturday I get off from work late as well so not it will not if I battled you it be late after like 11 pm to midnight.
    8. FairyWitch
      got to work saturday night will not get back till late probably be tired I will message back some dates that we can do our battle.
    9. FairyWitch
      hey moonclawz eeveelution tournament has started please contact your opponent to schedule a battle time. which btw I know we have to battle your my opponent btw XD I have to make the team up so give me some time but I know the deadline so we shall battle before then.
    10. FairyWitch
      all fixed your good ^_^ all we need a few more people to start the tournament ._. so slow with the applications -_- trying to dig up people but so far haven't got people to bite.
    11. Eliteknight
      go to the journal advert thread and post an order for a banner pls
    12. Kitt Geekazaru
      Kitt Geekazaru
      Right; I meant to and I had made a decision but my inbox was full, so it didn't work.
    13. Rising Star
      Rising Star
      Somewhat, i just like to stop by from time to time to see whats up. Been starting to get back into mons a little but im pretty bad rn haha
    14. SilverChiko
      Thanks, I'll make sure to contact my opponent ASAP.
    15. Rocxidi
      read my mind

      oh wait lol
    16. jirachiuser1
      ye np pm'd you already : )
    17. Rocxidi

      going to tell sena u cheated
    18. Rocxidi
      what am i thinking
    19. Rocxidi
      so u knew the outcome of several matches

      gg goin to report you for cheating
    20. Rocxidi
      Congrats to Moonclawz for winning both the tournament and betting!
      r u god?!?!
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  • About

    Virginia, USA
    Favourite Pokémon:
    PS alts: Moonclawz, Moontest, Stripez

    Piano, Chess, Pokemon!


    Credits to Skarm for the amazing Banner :]