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  • Oh I was pointing the audience they may be trying to gain with the romance, not the general audience, people watch Pokemon for Pokemon but those who start watching for romance which goes nowhere will fade.

    I thought I saw you change it but ok. XD Uh..what's the reason? :eek:
    That is true but not always, let down expectations or hopes I guess, then viewership decreases. That happens quite often. Yeah I suppose, no matter what Pokemon is always going to be in one line lol. :p Only with subtle romance hints now lol.

    I got no clue what you're hinting at. XP Uh anyway, do you change your avatar every time lol? I don't know, I think I just noticed it now.
    Yeah, I guess so, it really does...I don't know the reason I said it didn't make sense before. Maybe it's the approach it was given since making Serena a friend from Ash's past or by simply giving her a crush changes the structure of how it was always handled. Yeah, I hope so especially considering it wouldn't be a very good marketing for it to go nowhere.

    I know, I miss her too. There were a few others too.. T,T Well it's nice to know I come in second, if you're saying. :p Jk.
    Yeah, it seems to open out and gain/regain new viewers since I noticed a lot people are into romance. I don't think it'll widen to the point of adding it as a new genre, just subtle hints throughout since it is about Pokemon lol. Yeah but there's always more to add on if they want to (which I don't know if they will, just hoping). It seemed like she's actually trying to get closer to slowly becuase the more they talk the more she learns about him and it seems like Ash is benefitting from Serena's help she offers him during gym battles. Yeah but that's if it does go somewhere but I might make an impact regardless (it already had lol). That's weird I always thought they'd make a connection between Ash and Serena before the Sereies began becuase of the Kanto/Kalos relation.

    Cool. Do you remember WinterStarlight? She was interesting, more than me. xD But I always come on when I'm bored like zero percent.
    Well I don't think it's to appeal all viewers, maybe only those who would find a liking towards it since it isn't really the first thing you'd expect to see. It only seems there to be for fun at the moment but the beggining of the series it seemed like it was going somewhere having build up, suspense, cliffhangers and questions. Now it just seems mellowed out for now. It just seems like fun for the viewers but I do see it devloping Serena in someway if she wants to get Ash's attention in the future. Yeah I know that lol but it is different from having with the main characters.

    I like watching anime adaptations of it better, I find it more fun but I like to read for future events too.

    Oh that's cool. It's good to know even if she thinks she's too cool for us.
    Well it isn't necessarily a good or bad thing, just something different or new since it hasn't really been done before, we don't know what to expect (well how it plays out at least). It doesn't really seem to impact the story a lot, it just seems like a side sub plot for now (if it goes anywhere). Well Serena has developed from her new goal a lot, so there isn't a point there. Lol Ash teaching romance lol??! XDD

    I know right? It gets kinda boring but I do find it easier to read. I always seem to have a slow pace when reading manga, I take literally forever. xD Oh I see, I just wanted to know if you still write them. Btw, how's your sister?? It doesn't look she comes on anymore.
    Yeah the marketing idea doesn't really make sense, I don't know why people think it's why. I know Ash won't go lol. I did hear there was some sort of new direction or something for XY, saying they wanted to change it slightly but it hardly makes a difference. I actually think it might be for storytelling purposes maybe in faint sort of sub plot kinda way-? I don't really know I'm just guessing.

    I didn't mind it during the main story, only the the ending really because I liked the how the conclusion of the series a lot: Yeah that's why I read it less often but it is a lot of fun to read. Oh that's cool, you seem to update yourself around the same pace I do. I normally read it continuously then take big breaks. Do you make any fanfics anymore??
    Hm, they must have a reason...I don't know what it could be. Yeah her main focus was Ash up 'till recently but her crush was hinted at way back in posters and previews. You do make a point, what is the reason? Do you think Kalos being based on France is the sole reason they implemented romance?

    I liked it anyway. I would like the ending to be a little better for Host Club but it has the same point I guess. So do you read any manga? x)
    I know but seeing as how I like it, I can't see how those who won't see it as. I think it does effect the series greatly, especially considering I can't take 5 minutes with something I don't like. There barely was any romance before Serena. They're already friends, I'd like them to be a little...more, I'm sorry. xD

    Oh wow cool. I wached most of both anime, both are great! Host Club is weird lol but funny too. o.0
    My job at a call center. I deal with people who's electricity is in danger of being turned off and I take payments set up installment plans, Etc.
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