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  • I know I won't lol sigh.

    Um ok cool, it seems like it's a you like it or don't kind of thing. I find a bit surprising. Yeah, it doesn't really seem to be going anywhere atm but it's something different at least, so I find it fun to watch. Soo are you watching any other anime?
    It's ok lol I seem to break anything I'm too careless of, so naturally.. Dx That's good. I'm a bit tired, thanks for asking.

    So, do you watch XY? I'm curios to what you think of Serena's crush on Ash.
    Yeah, I know! It's nice to know you still come on. I don't come on a lot becuase of tech-y problems but I think* it's working fine now. So anyway how are you??
    True, the audience is also at fault, which is probably why the business suits have got it in their heads that "no 2D, CGI is cheaper" when it clearly isn't. But I blame both when it comes to quality in that movies/cartoons with low quality standards somehow get popular while good quality goes overlooked, and thus the businesses don't try to improve the quality because of people's own poor taste in quality. Thus, good quality isn't being encouraged enough to balance out the crap, or outnumber the crap entirely.

    The fact that Disney's stooped that low is what's frustrating in itself. (And that's not taking into account their recent trend in live-action reboots of their popular animated movies--even though no one's asked for it in the first place but people are still dumb enough to see the films.)
    To be fair, any of the songs can have unfortunate implications if one feels the need to really dig down into it.

    I agree that it's dumb; this is what happens when you get business suits calling the shots and ignoring their audience. (Though I should also blame the audience for not demanding better quality.)
    Haha it's a habit.
    And I moved four states away last year, so that's also one of the reasons for my inactivity. XD but I've adjusted. From city to suburbs haha so it's been a culture shock.

    What about you? xD
    Yeah, I agree. I've never heard of that, but that sounds so much further from the truth, honestly. Sleeping Beauty's a good film with a princess who unfortunately doesn't do anything. (I think "Once Upon a Dream" is one of the more ear-wormy princess songs out there, personally.)

    Perhaps, but 3D's done more because they have that mentality that "Kids love video games, so 3D/CGI's much like video games and thus kids will see it more!" Which is stupid.
    Lol same. On the first day back to school I was so used to writing 2014 as the date.
    Yeah I guess you could say that. XD
    (That's pretty true these days.) If DreamWorks can get out of their financial rut, I can see them doing anything. Speaking of Disney, let me point you to this Cracked article about how Disney made modern feminism, by the way.

    Well, as a medium, it's not dying, but as an art, yeah, I agree.
    I know right! It's been like three years.
    That's good to hear! I recently got back from a long hiatus do to school and stuff so I didn't really have a chance to go on forums. :/ But I'm back now because the workload has lessened! ^^
    Yeah, it is. Also, it involves space, and the imagery's beautiful. So I'm glad they were able to do it as well as they did.

    True, true. (I blame the "special snowflake" mentality society's adopted.) Yeah, at this point, I'm more willing to believe DreamWorks can do anything since Disney's just been disappointing lately. I've told myself that if their next couple of films disappoint me more, or make me angry, then I'll refuse to watch any more of their future films. It's starting to become clear more and more that the company's forsaken what they used to be for the sake of money. Walt Disney's rolling around in his grave at what's happened to his dream.

    Indeed. It's just that unfortunately I think the odds are in their favor due to their money unless the judge decides to keep the lawsuit open.
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