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Moonlight Starlight

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  • They need to finish it dubbing it which it would take some time remake some of the scene and also changing making the characters talk in their Japanese name not the original name back then like Mina to Minako now in stead and Lita to Makoto in stead.And also Serena to Usagi now.Ami and Rate/Rei original names sound similar in Japanese name how it sound.
    Hi just wanted to say how I have nothing more to add on what you said. I guess great minds do think alike and im in agreement over there existing alot more waiting to be explored and developed about plethora of older main characters who won us hearts and added to enjoyment of adventure. Rather than continuously adding more and more new characters and forgetting about past and Ash friends. Their lives, pokemon, unfinished dreams and stories.

    Im all for rotation between older main characters investing more in them(like Misty, May, Iris, Cilan, Clemont etc, etc)

    Maybe 7th generation(Sun and Moon) ends up heavily geared toward past generations game wise, thus allowing anime to complete revamp of this predictable, stale formula having for chance more attention being out on storytelling rather than just cheap marketing tricks. Thus resulting in plot driven adventure without any soft resets instead having sequels of adventures from Ash past friends being full of continuity. Making thus old become new, fresh and exciting again through new twists and plots. Going appropriately in line of pokemon franchise reaching 20th anniversary of its existence with whole series being dedicated to this.

    One can only hope.
    Hello hellos~

    I saw your signature and I noticed that you like Ikarishipping, Contestshipping, and Pokeshipping :'D
    Since the Ikarishipping forum was locked, I was hoping we can talk it here x3 I usually celebrate the anniversary through drawing fanarts!
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