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Moonlight Starlight

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  • Merry Christmas Moonlight Starlight! :D
    Best wishes on this joyful holiday ;)
    Please, please, call me PJ! :D
    Thanks for accepting! Iris, to me, is one of my favorite characters in the anime! (And this is coming from an old-school fan) Sure they could have written her better but she was still a good character! I mean this is a kids anime and we can only expect limited things to come out from it...I don't understand why people simply hate her (and Cilan and the ENTIRE BW series for that matter) just because she's "annoying" or her character design "doesn't look that hot" as what these nerds say...but what can you do, the fandom on this site has a lot of biased opinions toward the BW series in general. And yes I cannot wait for her to re-appear hopefully in the XY series! I also hope they air her special where she was supposed to face Clair. Just sick and tired of all the ridiculous hate I'm seeing toward Iris.
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