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Recent content by Moonlight.

  1. Moonlight.

    I'm back?

    Thanks, welcome back to you too! What I'm most surprised to see on my return is custom avatars! That was definitely a mod-only privilege last time I was here.
  2. Moonlight.

    Non-Kanto Pokemon in FRLG?

    While I do appreciate that Gamefreak wanted to recreate the original experience in FRLG, I always frustrated me that the Dex was locked to the first 151 until the post-game. Was an exploit ever discovered that allowed you to trade Johto and Hoenn Pokémon over before the Elite 4? I just think...
  3. Moonlight.

    Favourite Pokémon of your Least Favourite Type, Least Favourite Pokémon of your Favourite Type

    My least favourite type is probably Ghost, to which I say Haunter is my favourite. My favourite type is perhaps Water? I'm not a big fan of Wishiwashi.
  4. Moonlight.

    List of Unpopular Opinions

    I would love to see the series go full-on reboot. Keep the core mechanics but rework the moves, Pokemon, etc. Reset the Pokemon canon in terms of story, characters, etc. Have no backwards compatibility. Just drop us in again from the very beginning.
  5. Moonlight.

    I'm back?

    Thanks for the welcome!
  6. Moonlight.

    The Worst Thing about your Favourite Generation, and the Best Thing about your Least Favourite

    My favourite: Gen 4 The worst thing about this is that the Sinnoh Dex was rather weak in DP. Some key types (e.g. Fire) had poor choice and many of the newly introduced evolutions weren't available until the post game. Luckily this was remedied in Platinum. My least favourite: Gen 7 I quite...
  7. Moonlight.

    I'm back?

    Hey! My name's Tim and at 27 it seems I'm as much a Pokenerd as ever. I used to frequent these forums over ten years ago (around the height of gen 3, start of gen 4, maybe 2006?) and thought it would be nice to come back. Very surprised to see my account still here (and even more surprised to...
  8. Moonlight.

    What is your favorite music?

    God, anything but that bicycle music. I'll have to be a bit uncreative and say that my favourite is the trainer battle music. Despite the obvious technical limitations, I still find it to be the most dramatic and effective of all the main battle themes (that is, in the handheld games of...
  9. Moonlight.

    First type of game you've played for each platform.

    SNES: Super Mario World N64: Mario 64 Gamecube: Super Smash Bros Melee Wii: Wii Sports Gameboy: Mario Land 2 GBA: Mario Kart Super Circuit DS: Pac-Pix PS2: Tekken Tag Megadrive: Sonic the Hedgehog Dreamcast: Sonic Adventure XBox 360: Need For Speed Carbon
  10. Moonlight.

    Games your looking forward to ?

    Super Paper Mario, Phantom Hourglass, Mario Galaxy, Super Smash Bros Brawl and the new Tales games.
  11. Moonlight.

    Dont you just hate........

    To be honest, I don't have a problem with people hacking into games. In fact, I enjoy cheating in RBYGSC myself, as it opens up more possibilities in the games and adds to the replay value. What is dislike, however, is when people use cheating to have an advantage over other players. I also...
  12. Moonlight.

    Favorite non-pokemon Nintendo game

    Definitely Mario and Zelda for me. Mario would include some of the spin-offs, such as Paper Mario and Mario Kart.
  13. Moonlight.

    Lugia or Ho-oh?

    I prefer Lugia. Not only do I like its appearance more, but I fell in love with Aeroblast and its TM moves.
  14. Moonlight.

    Favourite Gym Leader

    Sabrina would win, simply because Psychic was broken in RBY.