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  • Humbug! Don't you realized that you're helping Santa's evil plan on ruining Christmas by teaching your kids about him and forget about Jesus's birthday?
    update the game you fool,no one wants to join just start already!i don't care how many spots are taken just start!
    It sounds really cool... :D I would...
    But where can I find it? Google doesn't seems to be wery helpful... :p
    I know this was started by Displeased Owl, but I totally agree with the philosophy in your siggy. I just don't have enough room to place it.

    Ever since the ability of wifi was created, more and more people are becoming perfectionists about pokemon w/ wifi battle and and EVing and stuff. Now I like a good occasional battle, but since I don't do all the time, whats the point with pushing my pokemon? I was always about the adventure of the game, and battling with my brother and his friends (since they were the only people of the time I knew who had pokemon games) but it was just for kicks. I love all pokemon I've caught. 'Course it is nice to get a good nature, but the other ones are just as nice.

    When I get HeartGold, I'm going to praise my pokemon all the time. (Because of walkability.)

    And I'm glad there are people who feel the same way. :)
    did you check my comment on that thread though?if you didn't i'll give you the important part.the important part was that if you'd like/need me to go to the page send me any kinda message in the pm time.does it work for you?
    Sorry. I need a break. Was getting bored...anywayz, I will. I have another friend and I will send him a PM. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.
    you really should be here more often bud.y'know with that thread about the legendaries(no -one can wait for it to start(literally!)!!!!!!!!)someone really give people messages about that too.because right now it's kinda hard for everyone to get there without knowledge of it(and without some sorta link),so basicallymainly the only people who post there are people who know of it.p.s. if you didn't notice already alex pt is one of my friends here.(a best friend to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)remember him from the thread?(he's entei) well i gave him him a message to check it out if he wanted.1 more time i'm gonna say(to make sure you know(just for the thread))I AM PALKIA!!!!!!!got it?sorry if it was a little(or alot)intense.
    hey buddy.how're you doin'?did you see my comment on the i'm a legendary and i want to get out of thread?great idea by the way,i'm probably just gonna be chattin' with my buds now.(i have like twenty and it's only my 3rd day here!!!!!)if you want me on the thread,well my comment says it all see you later!
    Just in case you wanted to know, your forum game "I'm a Legendary, Get me Out of Here!" got sign-ups. xD
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