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  • If you are going to refuse my help and advice (from a member of your senior) then I guess I'm wasting my time.
    Just stop being an ******* and all will be good. Good day.
    I could give more examples of you mini-modding but then I would fill this post with quotes.

    Noboyd has treated you like an *******. You call others out for a difference in opinion, call them wrong, and say they are "retarded" for it. That will warrant an angry response from anyone.
    It isn't that hard to think through when posting material. Just think a little more of "what the other person would say" then people wouldn't be as angry at you, because you wouldn't be provoking them.
    Ugh, not your "advice" again.
    My advice is probably is valid as anyone is. This is why you can't catch a break on here. PEople put you down because you act like an asshole to them. The sooner you stop doing that the better your forum experience should be. (keep in mind, I used to be one of those assholes)

    Give me an example of my mini-modding that I wasn't already told about. It's unfortunately in my nature to enforce the rules. It just bugs me so much when people break them. It's a bad habit that I've broken, but I can't always keep myself under control.

    Here you go:

    Both of those are acceptable places to ask your questions, and the OP on the first one should explain it to you briefly.
    Don't forget to read the rules if you haven't, because it doesn't seem like you have if you made this post.
    The more you police people around the worse its gonna get.
    Controlling yourself is easy, especially on the internet. That's just a poor excuse for your behavior. Just stop doing what your doing. It's that simple.

    I'm not doing this to pick on you; I'm only trying to help you out. Not just yell and scream at you like everyone else has done it seems.
    I've seen some of your posts around the forum and I'm just gonna give you some words of advice:
    -If you stop being so cynical and *******-ish towards everyone people would be more kind to you.
    -Mini-modding just adds onto this

    Just saying bro. Probably need to stop acting like an ***. Trust me, I should know. There's boundaries even on the internet.
    So you can swear at someone, insult them and call them a "[omitted] retard" but when they try and be nice and solve the issue without being rude back their in the wrong?
    Its great that your on the forum at a young age, but for your own good I'd turn down the flaming, unfortunately, people have low expectations of young people and your kinda living up to it.
    I don't need to meet your expectation of me, if that's what you've been telling me, or any other posters on this forum.

    In all your recent posts directed at me you've not made any form of agreement or disagreement, or discussion of any sort. During my conversation with flamebean about starter types, you just abruptly butt in to tell me I've been rude, even though that wasn't even my tone of speech, and the other guy was in no way offended. In my posts discussing about Masquerain you've been hounding me over your 'point', even though I don't exactly know what your 'point' is, but I suspect that you're interpreting and being unhappy with me highlighting Masquerain's lack of merit. In my post about genderless pokemon you just give me a sweeping statement that I love complaining.

    There's a limit as to how obnoxious you can be, as well as my level of patience with players attempting to mini-mod. Rudeness isn't for you to decide, at least on this forum. It's the moderators who makes the judgement as whether a poster has crossed the line.
    1. The fact you like to be happy with every thing Game Freak has to offer doesn't mean you can force your way of thinking unto others. There's something called respecting the personal preference of other people. Me pointing out a flaw in the game design or voicing out my like or dislike for a certain element in the game is no different from person A who flat out states that he hates eating carrots. I'm in no way being rude to any entity including Game Freak, much like how person A isn't being disrespectful to carrot farmers and distributors.

    Moreover, I don't even have to attempt to state everythinh I like in order to state what I dislike. It's akin to person A having to say every single vegetable he likes just to voice his simple preference that he hates carrots. As such I don't agree with your "All you have are complaints" comment.

    2. That's an infantile view of the franchise. Pokemon inc. is at its core a company in the gaming industry, and as such they're bound to receive praises and/or criticisms for their games (products) from their gamers (consumers), and you're expecting every patron of a business to only have positive opinion about them?
    Whatever you say, kid. I'm not going to take someone who can't even interpret online forum messages and distinguish rude posts from debatable points and counterarguments seriously. If you want to interpret this particular post as rude, so be it.
    If it's not illegal within the boundaries of this forum, why should I need to stop? I haven't seen of anyone telling me that I'm rude during my replies to them. You being the third party telling me I'm rude has zero relevance.

    Besides, this isn't the first time I've seen you telling people off on the net that they're rude, sometimes without even posting things relevant to the thread titles, and even when no one is being rude to each other, at least from what I've read. Go review your own latest posts to see how often you do that.
    Just putting it out there for future reference.
    If you are willing to open your mind a bit I am willing to help you perfect RNGing to an artform. I enjoy helping others and if you are willing to do so I can help you immensely. I am in no way taunting; I am only reaching out to a fellow pokemon fan.
    The reason I think RNGing is cheating is because it involves the use of a third party program that predicts the random numbers of the games. That's like seeing your entire future, everything that is going to happen in your life. It ruins the fun surprises that make life more fun.
    this is something you probably shouldnt put in your sig man
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