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  • Your profile is really pretty^^ I like lucario and ninetales too. Wanna be friends? :3
    Howdy MoonSong,

    Not sure if you got my last message but I was wondering when you'd like to complete our trade.
    Please let me know and thanks in advance!

    Thank you. Yeah I think yakuza is alot better than Bubbles. I went with it mainly because of his dark type it fits perfectly for the background
    I've love for Colosseum and XD to get released on the Virtual Console. Come to think of it, I think we're long overdue for another Shadow Pokémon game, like a sequel to XD...

    The opposing Ludicolo's Ludicolite is reacting to Miror B.'s Mega Afro!
    I had to do something since I was already down 2 teammates that really would have helped in the long run. So yeah Good game.

    Now I have to work on beating the E4 and becoming Champion, then we'd have the pleasure of battling again.
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