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Recent content by moonstone

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    Official Shonen Jump Thread

    Yeah, I love Naruto - and One Piece, too - but Shaman King is one of my favorite mangas. :)
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    September's Plot Discussion

    rse ending That was a very unsatisfactory ending for RSE...and it DID end in a tie. :( I think everyone suspected it was going to end that way... As for FRLG: I agree, the Mewtwo/Deoxys fight has been extremely long and drawn out. I wish they would just add some kind of new element to spice...
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    Official Shonen Jump Thread

    gin tama I know, I thought Gin Tama was pretty funny ("You only protected us for one page!" "That's a lot for a manga artist!") and it had a decent storyline. Overall, it was a pretty good preview. :)
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    Like anime subbed or dubbed? ~ Where the concept of Uncut DVDs still hasn't sank in.

    Dubbed. It's not that I'm too lazy to read - I'm fine with reading - but (to me, anyway) the show has more of a natural flow when the characters speak in your own language.
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    Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicle

    Wow, that's kind of odd but a really cool piece of trivia. :) Judging from that, I'd bet CLAMP was already brainstorming Tsubasa/xxxHolic at the time.
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    What manga series are you reading as of now?

    manga Everything in Shonen Jump; but specifically Shaman King and Naruto. Other than that... Fruits Basket and Tsubasa.
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    ~*Bishie Thread*~

    I'll claim Lyserg Diethel, from Shaman King. I don't think he has any other names, so that's it. :)
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    Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicle

    You're probably right. :) Part of it could be preference, too. It kind of makes me wonder, though... why did CLAMP crossover a more serious manga with an obvious crowd-pleaser (what with Syaoran and Sakura and all the other reused characters) like Tsubasa? I think Tsubasa, and xxxHolic, for...
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    Official Shonen Jump Thread

    Oh, that'd be kind of good if Gina Tama were serialized. I don't like to think about them cutting out something good for it, though. And I agree that Shaman King is underrated. It can be hilarious (especially Anna.. "Every memory I have of her ends with me in tears...") but it also has a...
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    I feel like sometimes people clump all anime together. True, some plotlines tend to be similar (although isn't it the same with cartoons from any the US?), but just because all of the art is similar doesn't mean that it all has the same plotline. Just for example... Prince of Tennis and Sailor...
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    Is Naruto over-rated?

    I think it is overrated, but that doesn't make it bad. They chose to overrate Naruto, of all manga, for a reason. Because it's really good. :)
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    Birthday Discounts?

    I think getting a gift from your Mom is good idea though, even if some will exploit it.
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    prof Nanakamado.....Evil crime boss

    Oooh, that'd be awesome if the Prof. turned out to be evil! But Colluseum did follow a different pattern than the gameboy games (a lot more complicated of a plot) so I wouldn't count on that to decide this.
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    Official Shonen Jump Thread

    shonen jump My favorites are Shaman King and Naruto. Honestly, although I feel like Naruto is being overly-promoted, I don't mind. It's pretty good, if you ask me. Hikaru no Go is ok... I don't know, a board game...? Still, it's not bad. Just not something I would really be intersted in if it...
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    Fruits Basket

    fav character Hey! Um, I guess my favorite character would be Momiji. You just wanna hug him! I would love to have him as a little brother (or a big brother... lucky Momo). :) I think Kisa's okay... she is pretty sugary sweet, but that doesn't bother me. I think it's cute, because she's...