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  • MOOSE! I definitely play Overwatch so that could be a possibility. I play on the PS4, where my username is TRAINERKREES (don't ask lol). I hope we did actually play together, that would've been funny. How have you been? It's been way too long.
    Haha. Haven't been on in over month because the various other video games got to me. Anyway, I've got a Steam account, crystalzephyr, and I'm occasionally on League of Legends and Discord. I'm most frequently on Steam.
    Hey there! It's been a while. I decided to login on a whim and realized it's been three years! The Pokemon games have changed a lot, haven't they?
    glad your doing alright moose :3 and thats great I mostly been breeding like crazy which I have a trade shop again XD
    i'd probably take him over clinton :<
    then again i align a little more conservatively, thanks north carolina.

    hb2 is some bs though
    trump's gonna win huehuehue

    no but i'd probably take johnson if third parties were viable :c
    You seem angry about it :/ Wish I could so something but I am going to respect your wish not to talk about it. GL Moose!
    well, it's been an amount of time- how's it going?
    nice to see that TEF is still going, you seemed to really like that clan v.v
    I am glad your staying moose :) and yeah sometimes I come in the worse times with things that piss me off of my beliefs too :/ and dang on the next day of a big interview >.< I normally stay away for a few days to cool off makes me fell better.
    No but my info should show up in one of my posts if youre on PC. My username is Rocxidi and my name is the same as facebook
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