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  • hey man sorry about what happenned today. that sounds pretty ****ed up.

    if you're feeling better, mind adding me to the skype chat when you get the chance?
    How in the world did that subject come up >.> but anyway I will see who ot was and the whole thing hopefully thursday or Friday when I am off from work and use my boyfriend's laptop and go on the xat hopefully someone there like leaf hopefully he was there to see what in the world happen in detail. Btw was this on the xat or Skype?
    What in the world is going on? Moose calm down sweetie I got a email message on my phone about inbox full and then that message >.> I am on my cell still...
    thanks for adding me :) And really, good luck. Will hold my thumbs (equivalent of fingers crossing) for you tomorrow.
    well, this isn't too necessary as we've been talking on xat, but i've been doing well. going into junior year, probably overloaded myself with too many classes (and in the wrong field, they've all natural sciences and at this point i'm looking into library sciences). been buying way too many japanese picture books than i probably ever should.

    and to be fair, i wasn't ever particularly comp either. i just made people do random battles so i didn't have to spend a lot of time teambuilding.
    i see. I thought Id revisit serebii in my summer break (still a lot of chess study for me to do though :/), as I still play Pokemon, even if it is only for challenge runs.
    well good thing I saw this before I logged off lol I can hop on to member you quickly I can't stay on though....
    I remember trying out guild stuff back in the day. (4 years ago. Yikes) but it wasn't really my cup of tea.
    Heh. It's not a crime not paying attention to that. lol
    Still into guild-stuff?
    Eh. Same here. I only play Alpha/Omega every now and then.

    Lol. That happened a year ago in two days, actually.
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