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  • Well...I've got Female DW kangaskhan, ponyta, sunkern, poochyena, (I'm trying for female murkrow), male confuse ray murkrow, confuse ray feebas with 31 Sp. Atk IV, Extrasensory Zoruas with 31 in Sp. Atk IV...That's it. I have others, but those are the ones for breeding. Also, I have a Jap. Ditto for Matsuda Method. :)
    what the hell is wrong with these people?? Seriously, they plot to kill my clan, use MY chat as a meetingplace, try to recruit MY brother...then when their clan sucks, they come back to PI, even though they're banished, with an alt?! FU*k man...
    moose, if you still want to breed for capitalh, you can, :) I told you, youre not my slave ;) So just do it outside the clan forum since cap is banned from any clan territory xD

    But you could still do what ya want :) And I made a great decision when I made you expert breeder....I love yur shop!! GREAT presentation..bravo! *clap* *clap*
    Make your Psychic page in the forum please ^^ look at my champion page to get an idea onhow to make it. Make sure to read the league rules ^^
    Hi welcome to the clan Moose Sorry for welcoming you to the clan late I was playing pokemon white it very fun pokemon game I hope you have fun ^_^
    well, you CAN open a shop in the clan forum if ya want :) Just PM me so I can make a Forum Category for your shop :) Remember, report to me if anyone forces you to breed ;) I dont want anyone being forced ;) Not even I can force you to breed for me ;)

    Welcome Moose! ^^~ I do some breeding and such for the clan, if you need anything, ask me! :D
    P.S- Do you have a male lapras? :/ I need one...XD
    sorry I didnt welcome you, moose! :) I was asleep xD

    Anyways, I am the head of Pokemon Imperium, imperiumemperor :) Call me vince if you want :D Ignore the two clan leavers k? They're just......different xD You are gonna have a lot of fun here :)

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