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  • He's not asking you to be perfect; you left out physical features like hair, skin and eye colour in your sign-up, so it just comes across as laziness. Also, an hour isn't significant; I'm pretty sure I spend more than that on my own sign-ups.
    No, you're not to blame. You kept up with the posting. However, Gamekrazy dropped out, Razorleaf hasn't posted, and neither has Zinc. So I'm pretty sure the Ultimates is done...for now.
    Hey there. I'd suggest finishing up what you wanted to do with Rhino, since the next post will be the end of it (hence the fireball wouldn't have fired and I'd cut you off. Don't want that.
    Hey everyone, I know it's slow going in The Ultimates, but it'll start moving along soon if we can get through the exposition part of it.
    Something just occured to me. wouldn't your character's abilities fit more with a pokemon like Infernape or Blaziken instead of Magmar?
    Hey um... nobody has ever posted anything on my message board before. Sorry I didn't see this before. I'm a reviewer when I want to be; which, most of the time, is when I get bored and need to look at something. If you send me a link to your fic I wouldn't mind looking at it.
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