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  • lol yeah it did woek lets keep trying we had it then so we are close and i like the tentecruel lookes good from what i was seeing lol :p
    lol ok no problem you would wait for me so i will do the same for you :) so did you read the message i sent on marriland ?
    ok thanks i wouljd liek that then we could trade more and its like 1 in the morning so maybe i shoudl go to sleep lol waited for responses 5:00 in the morning the other night :/ anyway yeah have a nice day and fun at work cya and hopefully tommorow we coudl do this again your a good person good bye for now
    #53 Liechi Berry Raises Attack when HP is below 1/4
    #54 Ganlon Berry Raises Defense when HP is below 1/4
    #55 Salac Berry Raises Speed when HP is below 1/4
    #56 Petaya Berry Raises Special Attack when HP is below 1/4
    #57 Apicot Berry Raises Special Defense when HP is below 1/4

    I have all of them and wad shiny r u offering?
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