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  • Howdy Morokei,

    I would like to challenge you for a Tapu Battle, I am from Team Lele. Please let me know when you're available :).

    Kind regards,
    I could've boosted my stats more but didn't have a calf and wasn't trying to hold up the battle to see how much I needed to 1 shot Mecha.
    Yes and your name's hilarious. I was looking like why the alphabet until I actually read it out loud.
    Originally she probably wanted 3 Battles, but since each team got 4 members she changed it, and never updated the thread completely.

    Also my FC is 0345-0046-5202
    She actually wants us to battle every member of every other team just to earn points for our 1 team. It's just the fact that I haven't been able to battle more member of those teams yet because they're still finalizing team members.
    Actually lets postpone our battle. I've already battled a member of team Tapu Bulu for my round 1. I don't know if each Round means a different Tapu we have to battle. I just looked at your results and its kinda confusing me at the moment. I'll pm fairywitch in the mean time
    GG! A frustrating loss - I don't know Hoopa U well enough to know what to do with it
    The bulu switchin brought everything down imo
    friendly reminder battle of the tapus tournament starts tomorrow try to make sure to contact a opponent team member for round one which i will list tommorow the day of who to battle at midnight tonight :) have fun :D
    I edited my post your team is fine morokei what i mean by duplicate for the second part is people were asking if they can use on there team more then one of the tapu choice meaning a full team of tapu fini in your case. I said no that is a dupicate because your using more then one tapu fini on that one team however how many teams you make as long as it has one tapu fini in it only that is fine.


    correct team

    tapu fini,salamance,landous T,Greninja,A-marowak,magearena

    this team checks out because there isn't any other tapu present besides your tapu of choose

    wrong type of team that is considered a duplicate:

    tapu fini,tapu fini,salamance,geninja,A-marowak,landous T

    this team is illegal because there are two tapu fini present in the team so that be against the rules of the tournament and is considered duplicate
    I added this part of the rule because someone wanted to make a full tapu lele team which is against my rules sadly...

    wrong type of team using more then one tapu:

    tapu fini,tapu bulu,salamance,greninja,A-marowak,Landous T

    this team is illegal because you can't use more then one tapu in your team which if your a tapu fini player you have to use only tapu fini in your team...

    I hope this helps explain the rules a bit better XD movesets and etc have nothing to do with your team building at all which as long as you have one tapu fini and no other tapus in your teams your making you be fine. I don't limit the whole team with sharing one tapu fini to use as well as different move sets and items on each one lol that be crazy XD you were kinda making it more difficult then it sounds my friend ;) but hopefully this clears things up :)
    Hey there, just checking in to see if you've been around. I know you said you were gonna be busy so this is just an activity check in. Just as a note, the badge spreadsheet is going to be reset tomorrow, but I'm allowing e4 challengers to continue their attempts (Lynx and Leafeon at the moment) so long as they keep winning and don't lose against one of us. Whenever you can, please check in with the 2 of them so they can get their battles in.
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