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  • He is tricky. I can get him down to his last life bar, but then he starts shifting into different levels and going into invincible mode too quickly for me to be able to do much damage. Just gotta keep working away at it, I guess!
    Ah one of those. Thanks for the tip! Should be interesting to see how that plays out.
    Oh yeah, Vanille! Now I remember!
    I'm playing through Kingdom Hearts II right now actually. I've gotten pretty far, nearly to the end. But I'm having trouble with one of the Nobodies... Xigbar I think his name is.
    Well, sorry to hear you didn't enjoy it, but I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels that way! I was afraid that it was my nostalgia talking. x) Lightning could have been a very cool character, I just felt that her hatred was really forced. She really didn't have a conceivable reason to be so hateful to Snow. I mean, it wasn't his fault that her sister got cursed by a fal-cie (I think I got that right... so many weird little names for things), or that he was the one she fell in love with. And she even got her anger boiling to the point where she wanted to give up on even trying to get her sister back. It made no sense. You are right, Cloud was much more interesting because he's so much more psychotic. If he just had the bad attitude, you could call him a male Lightning. But his bad attitude is a result of basically having his mind taken apart and messed up, and he copes by assuming the character of someone who was much stronger than him and was a role model for him. THAT is an interesting character with a lot of depth. Lightning is some jerk with a bad attitude who hates life. Hatred by itself is simply not interesting, it's annoying.

    What's her name, the young girl, she was a pretty good character. Kind of like Aerith, but that's a cool character to work with. Oddly separated from reality, but also so in tune with reality that she appears to be almost clairvoyant. Sazh does seem to have some stereotypical stuff going on, but all the same, he's an interesting character. The chocobo living in his hair is pretty cool (like that kid who sells you lamp oil in Twilight Princess), and he has some interesting undercurrents that make him a fairly deep character. It's not the worst cast of characters ever, but it's pretty disappointing for a Final Fantasy. Though not half as disappointing as the gameplay, but I won't hash that out all over again. x)
    I will admit, I didn't get too far into the game before losing interest. I got past a couple of bosses, but not too far at all. So it's not like you'll have to go through the whole thing to see what I mean. n_n
    Once in a while, the fans do know better. Unfortunately, it seems the fans know better most of the time when it comes to Final Fantasy. For the longest time, they had an awesome formula of great graphics, beautiful music, amazing storyline, solid battling system, and excellent characters. After FF IX or X (Never played much of X, but it looked like it was actually pretty good) the graphics kept getting better and pretty much everything else took a dump as far as I'm concerned. A lot of the characters really look alike in a weird way now, the music isn't bad, but it isn't memorable, I'm not sure what to say about the storylines and I can't really say anything good about the battling system as it stands now. When I played FFXIII it was more like an interactive movie than an RPG. Say what you like about turn-based systems, but when I play an RPG, I want to have time to think out a strategy, not sit there pressing one button at certain intervals so I can watch the characters do a bunch of pre-programmed crap. You can literally get through most of the battles just by mashing the x button. It's pretty sad. So I can believe it that they did something dumb like select 1 character (and one of the lesser known characters at that) from arguably one of the best FFs ever and screw that character up while they include 3 stupid characters from one of their crappiest games ever (*cough* yuna, payne and what's-her-name. *cough*)
    Yep, that's the one. You did need to get his HP up at least a bit, because even in the back row Ultros could destroy him in one hit. But it's really easy, all you have to do is go around the circular area in the river a few times that that should get him up there.
    FFVI has to be my favourite of all the FFs, so it's probably the one I'd recommend. And you're quite correct, Kefka is amazing! I'd say he's probably the best villain ever in the history of anything. But of course, that is just my opinion. But hey, he's got a lot going for him; great look, great laugh, hilarious speeches, he grows in power as your team does, he actually manages to destroy the world and assume the power of several gods, and he has the simplest goal of any villain ever: He's insane, he's evil, and he loves destruction. You can't get much better than that.
    Most of them do, but not all. Admittedly, FFVII does need a good deal of grinding. FFVI doesn't really need much at all since everyone can learn magic (if you teach them the magic spells, you're pretty much set. There's only one point in the game where you do an "escort mission" that seriously requires some grinding), and I've gotten to the final boss on FFIX without grinding at all (but I wish I'd done at least a bit. Level 35-40 was kind of low, lol!) Haven't played the first 3 or VIII myself, so I have no opinion on those. FFIV does need quite a bit of grinding. As for FFV, they actually made the grinding process really fun because of the job system, so I can never tell if I need to be gaining those levels or if I'm just doing it to have this crazy powerful, super-customized team.
    Just from a collector's standpoint. The original games are a little more sought after because they're older and harder to find. I don't believe there were any actual gameplay differences between them though.
    Yeah, it was amazing! Really lucky, too, the store just happened to have it there that day so he bought it for me. ^^ That's only the second time I've ever seen FFVII in a store, and it was the first time that I've seen a copy that wasn't a "greatest hits" version of the game.
    That's a nice balanced rouge team! I'm using my White 2 Team which you can find on my sig! I'm glad your not afraid to challenge metagame sterotypes.
    Basically a Rouge Team is a unique team thats not based off any competitive smogon recommendations and is uncommon. Those are the kinda teams that I like to use cause I hate blending in and I don't let other's define me.
    Hey! Nice post on the WiFi competition thread! Just keep calm and Battle on! I assume your using a Rouge Team?
    Yeah, same. It's just that I really like the characters that I made for the roleplay and I'd like to see them live a bit of a longer life, lol. But whatever happens happens :)
    Hey! So, it would appear that there aren't too many people left participating in Torpoleon's Return of Team Galactic RPG. Are you still willing to keep going? Because I'll keep posting as long as there are others :p
    That could work. Go for it!

    Honestly, when I picked Taillow for Falkner, it was because I wanted to give him something that would be a challenge for Olivia to defeat. The other choices were Pidove or Starly, and I didn't feel either of those were what I was looking for for this fight. (Falkner's six Pokemon are Pidgeotto/Hoothoot/Starly/Pidove/Taillow and maybe something like Mantyke)
    I like the sound of that character. If you can somehow work him in, I'd enjoy it.

    ...and I never even realized that until you pointed it out. XD; But really, I wanted to mix up the kinds of Pokémon that appear instead of sticking to Kanto/Johto and Unova.
    I'm sure better Pokemon will be revealed soon if you don't like them. Personally, I like all of them.

    I wouldn't worry about your team going to waste. I was worried about no Pokemon transfer from Gen 5 to 6 at first, but then I realized that if that happened, no events for the Genesect movie would be accessible in Gen 6.
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