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  • Hey, are you busy with school? I was just wondering because you haven't posted in the RPG in awhile, but neither has D-World. D-World hasn't been on in about three days either....
    Your welcome! It's just so...different. When playing the games you never think of things the way you've portrayed them. I hope to read some others by you.
    Ahh. Yeah I might be turning Starbolts stuff into something publishable soon. So, I dunno about accepting things into the Starboltsverse now. Good luck with your guy, though!

    My opinion is to pm it to me and let me take a look. I won't take the idea or anything. I have several of my own. So, I don't need any others since I literally have an army of supers.

    Anyway, if ya give me info, then I can give you better insight about the character.
    thanks for forgiving a very lazy friend, lol

    hah hah, kay, won't be jealous (though inwardly, I will kinda be)

    PMD2... hmm, pokemon game I'm guessing? Or some game of some sort? heh Me, not much is going on, like I said before, school is just becoming more and more obvious as the days go on but I still feel like summer's going to still be here. like, for some reason, it's very hard to imagine going to school next Monday and yet, I will be. ^^;;
    oh god, I'm so lazy xD;;;

    I'm so sorry for not replying earlier! School's starting this Monday for me and I really don't want to say goodbye to all this free time just yet but I picked up some stuff from school today so I guess I can't keep ignoring the reality of all of this .___.

    how about you? ^^;;;;;;;; You probably won't reply because I've taken months with mine! ;__; sorry again!
    Sorry if this sound like a nag; but, haven't you you thought about deleting your repeated threads. Some extra space would be nice and look less re****dant.

    Changing the subject, are you interested in co-writting with someone?
    That would be fun.
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