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    I, for one, would like to see your theory. As for the whole "Lillie having a crush on the MC in the games" thing having an impact on Amourshipping in the anime, keep in mind that the same thing happened with Shauna in the X&Y games IIRC and that didn't carry over into the anime. So I'd say that unless they start to push AshlieShipping (that's the name for AshxLillie that's currently winning the name poll in another thread) in promotional material like they did with Amour and they start to show Ash treating Lillie the same way he treated Serena, Amourshipping will remain the closest we have to a canon Ash related ship which is perfectly fine by me. For now, I suggest we all stay calm and see what the new anime series brings us

    So you're totally fine with spoilers? You don't play the game? Because my theory spoils the whole game actually
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