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  • listen, I don't mean to rush but I'm calling the DQ around this time tomorrow, or at least the timer for it runs out then.
    hi- just checking up here... since you've been here in the past month...

    orders are needed from you whenever you get back.
    All I can say is, as I said in the battle, darn. I was so sure it wasn't my turn I didn't check. Ohwells, DQ round has already been ordered.
    You should reread the Equirules in the Announcements thread.

    Level-up Pokemon keep their bonuses despite the rules being Equi3.
    Oh, okay. And it's a good idea to continue here. I chose my username because it's one of my fave video game characters. Azure Kite from .hack//G.U. Also known as Kite of the Azure Flame. I started using it on a Kingdom Hearts forum and it kinda stuck with me.
    Yeah but we both took 4 attacks each, and Gyarados took extra damage with two of them. Storm didn't took any extra damage, and she's got Water resistance. I'm not trying to be a d*ck or anything.. =/
    huh i'm sorry, i'm feeling kind of lost. Did Storm fell behind Gyarados (in health) due to the Earthquake? =/
    Hehe, I'm not doing what he said I should do, Im doing what I normally do anyway. For that matter, I want to watch ur battle and help you.
    Um, Toxic doesn't use anywhere near the energy capacity of Poision energy. At least 1.5 Sludge Bombs would though. Also, energy is energy, it get transformed into different types when they use those types of attacks, so there is no such thing as regular energy, it makes it sound like they pokemon has many different pools of energy. Just say, they are breathing heavier or whatever and then say, the dont have much Electric-type left. etc.

    Also, although it's possible, it's not common for an ICe Beam to freeze the entire pool over, just like its possible, not common that a Flamethrower will totally remove all of the ice. Be careful when reffing excatly to what the battlers wanted. Make an RNG to determine how far the pool is ocovered with ice, since the attack was directed more at the Dratini, etc etc
    One question: when you say '...probably doesn't have enough to repeat what she's already used', does that mean that Storm can no longer use Electric attacks for this battle? =/
    oh ok =o soo you don't ref alot at this hour, i suppose ^^' Just don't listen to me, i'm really really impatient xD
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