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  • I've just been busy, and haven't found much time to come around. Everything that goes on around here at home (most notably dealing with my brother, and he causes A LOT of headaches) is more than enough to keep my hands full.

    Anyway... I hear you want to duel me. When things calm down, I'll be happy to have a duel or two with ya. So, I'll come looking for you when I find the chance.
    A type of blank foreign doll. I dont like dolls very much, but these I don't mind. This one is going to be my character Colin.
    Sorry for another late reply! The server here isn't working with me.^^;
    And I did post in the Advance thread. I wasn't ignored.
    what about that shiny Phocheyna?

    and yeah well you trade me the EI cards you have and I give you the cards you need the next time I over, I try to ask if I can come over this weekend.
    it good

    well imo you need

    Neo for Grand neo and flar neos which can counter some of my cards
    Ojama and Spellcaster field spell card but i forgot there name
    um DM.
    and you need to get Knight title and DMK off your brother.
    and btw if you didn't check you can get a real BEWUD in kaiba duelist pack. like WTF we been waiting ages for the real card and it only now being release
    and on a bad note the new BEWD effect monster is it sin counterpart.
    also Field barrier dose not stop my cards effect to return them to your hand or to remove them from play. it just protect against destroying them.
    so what your team now?

    and plus with a sword dance/detect combo. you could do that with any and isn't Rampardos OU?

    and btw I foound out about crystal counter trap card, I add 4 CB to my S/T zone instead of 5. also what cards did you need from me? I remember Neos and the knights.
    ohh I see

    and here a tip if you don't have 10 character just put whta your saying like for example Ok follow by alot of spaces and then . and it works
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