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    I'm looking for someone too battle. Be fair as this will be my first battle
    3 on 3
    24hr dq
    Realistic rules
    return ok
    This still open?
    A good number of cards I have, Yugi used in the Anime, as far as the Monsters go, anyway. Dark Magician, Dark Magician Girl and the like. My deck is made up of my favorites pretty much. I think its more fun to use my favorite cards... Weak or strong.

    I'll be happy to duel you sometime. Whenever I feel up for it, I'll find ya.

    @ I wouldn't really call a lot of Fire-types stronger than Arcanine. In the hands of any trainer, any Arcanine can be devastating. Its just hurt by its movepool selection, namely on the Physical side of things. At least it has a good base Attack of 110 to abuse Flare Blitz with.

    I use a Physical attacker, and a Special Attacker. Special Attacking Arcanine is still good even giving up a little bit of power. It can combine Fire Blast + Dragon Pulse for near perfect type coverage.

    But yeah, give me an Arcanine over any other Fire-type any day. No Charizards, no Blazikens, and no Infernapes.

    There's only one Fire-type I may use over Arcanine depending on a situation, and that is Houndoom. Houndoom is a close second to Arcanine as far as favorites go.
    I won't be around too often either, but I'll respond when I can.

    My deck... Has never been an archetype. Even when I first started. But my deck was so weak back then than it is now. I'm actually proud of it because it has more than a few strengths to it. Though, it doesn't see much action these days.

    You're the first I've heard of that uses a Zombie Deck, and a Dinosaur deck. Even back in High school, I didn't see many, if at all. Everyone else just seemed to be more occupied collecting and using rare cards... My own friend uses a deck that has nothing but Light Attribute monsters. Its actually pretty powerful, especially when the Effect monsters come into play. I don't know a lot about Synchro decks, as they are new to me. (I'm a little slow lol)

    A Shiny Growlithe huh? You don't say! I hatched one yesterday, and boy, was I surprised. It is actually my first Platinum Shiny...

    I can't wait for HG/SS, so its already an Arcanine and tears things up in the Battle Tower. My Arcanine wound up being Lonely though, but that isn't too bad. I was hoping for a Jolly one, but oh well.
    like I said in my post.

    as long as Mira get some time I be glad. the first picture of her in the manga like most character from the game/anime have entirely different personality than there game / anime counterparts.

    Brock anime is a girl fanboy while in the manga is not that bad.
    Gold in the game and Jimmy in the anime weren't preverts but Gold in the anime is sorta a prevert as there a scene wiht him and blue. and he has different personality than the other two.

    what aobut you? what you think
    nothing just surfing SPPF

    and good news

    Mira and Marley appear again in the Manga!! YAY and it seem Marley has Oak letter.
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