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  • Yeah, I "saw" you in the wi-fi room. Well, that's good you found your SID. Have fun too! =D
    Oh, don't worry, that was another shiny deoxys I found by total fluke on GTS, a day after trade the normal one with you. I really like to be honest with my trades AND with my friends, you know? So, don't have a wrong idea about me. ¬¬

    Actually, I don't mind about EVs or stats (this things let someone crazy -_-"), but that gligar was a birthday gift I was searching for a friend and is already with him, so, I even don't know about what's going on with it now. But, since my friend don't mind (don't mind = don't know ^^") about EVs or stats like me and like to play for fun, I think that gligar is already a gliscor for now. ^^"
    I'm online from now, let me know if you still want to trade your shiny gligar for a deoxys. =]
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