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  • I actually got bored and did it. Here:


    You know the drill with the *, right?
    Contrary to popular belief; it IS obvious when it is shiny. I had the DS on the darkest screen brightness and I was walking in natural light and I still saw the colour difference in mine. 8D

    So you gonna make an msn? I'm so freaking bored right now (there's nobody on msn to talk to aaaaa). EDIT: Not bored from talking to you, of course! xD I just reckon msn would be hella easier to chat~
    Sweeet. |D I want to see you get a shiny Dialga! It was the only one in the trio that I didn't SR for, and now I regret not getting it. xDD
    Same here, but after getting Lugia, his colours really look nice on him too. ;u;

    I really want to do the Honey Tree leg first. I want a shiny Cherubi so bad! Might have to steal my DS back from my brother so I can triple hunt it, though my DSi's shoulder button is on the fritz. D;
    Well my Lugia hunt took me just under three months, so I obtained them all in between then. Just look at my shiny card and everything between Kyogre and Lugia were found (since I started hunting Lugia the day after I got my Kyogre).

    I still love my Lugia to pieces something wicked. I'm so glad he finally shone. >u<
    My games must be testing me after giving me such wicked luck with random encounters (I found a total of 7 shinies during my Lugia hunt, so I can't complain. Hehe), but I'd still like it to shine before 10k. c:
    I think *Murkrow is the only person so far who has managed to stick with it? Even then, he's tired of hunting for bird Pokemon. >u<

    I wonder when Magikarp will shine? D8 I'm at 5140 encounters so far. I want to reach 6000 before bed tonight.
    Oh don't do that... So many people start that up all massively motivated and then they get to a point shortly after where their motivation is completely burned out. x__x Maybe just hunt down your favourite Steel types? xD
    Wicked. =w=

    Eventually you can wind up joining in group convos. They're usually pretty good, and people seem to find shinies during them... oddly. o__o''
    Haha, kinda like me watching a live reaction video to a French hunter and his shiny Lugia. He screams something wicked when he finds it, and the second time watching it, my screams pretty much SYNCHRONISED with his. ;D

    Contemplating installing Skype again so I can IM you. Unless you're keen on picking up an msn address? They're mighty useful to chat with shiny hunters. :3
    Hehe, you gonna hit bed soon? NOBODY's online right now. It's so boring. x__x

    Shinies are like... an instant wake-up. It's fantastic! >D
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