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  • Ha Electivile would be good if one of its parents were a Weavile... or a Grovyle I guess. But yeah no nicknames are required for mine. Oh and I managed to get a Celebi for that Latios, not bad eh? Just 3 more to go, counting the Latios I now have to replace. Anyway I'm fully charged and ready to trade when you are!
    Nice that Elekid sounds cool, think I'll hang on to it until I start a new file, maybe on my bro's Diamond game. Sorry we seem to keep missing each other, now I have to walk my dogs! Be back in a bit and hopefully we can get this trade done finally!
    True but then you could just change it back. Wouldn't it be much worse if the pokemon you lent came back having been taught crappy moves? And yet the game allows that! I don't see why the nickname is so important that its the one thing thats absolutely impossible to change unless you're the OT.
    Arrgh I was on, didn't see you there, and now I'm out of batteries! Since the nearest outlet is far from my modem I'll need to charge before I can trade. Sorry bout that! Anyway I'm still trying to get non-nicknamed Celebi, Latios, Lugia, and Arceus. Man how friggin stupid is it that only the OT can change a pokemon's nickname??
    Hey guess what? Meluvia gave me a Japanese Latios so I put it on the GTS to try and get one without a nickname. Came back today and had a shiny Japanese Latios that knows Dragon Claw, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam and Luster Purge! Crazy eh? Now to find someone who will give me one of my missing legendaries for it...
    Hey congrats on your win! I just got back from another miserable exam so I'm taking the night off studying before I start all over again tomorrow (still have one exam and a term paper to go). So that means I'll be around all night, and for the next 3 days as well as I try and cobble together a 10 page research paper out of 2 pages of notes. In other words I can trade anytime you're ready!
    No problem just let me know when you're done. So where do you go to EV train special defense anyway?
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