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  • about the EV question you made----- theres another possible answer for why you got more EV points than what you recorded

    have you ckecked it for pokerus????, assuming you knew how many EV points you would get from a certain pokemon when you started EV training, so it could be the pokerus

    another one is
    what item was it holding when you were training it???
    macho brace multiplies the EV points by 2 (same as pokerus)
    power items adds 4EV points to a specific stat

    i hope this helped

    thread closed so i thought i should drop by....... them EV guides are friggin ridiculous xD
    i didnt get them the first time i read it
    hey I read your newcomer thread and I must say what a combination the killers and pokemon lol.... me 2 I kinda like Bling: Confessions of a King and Dustland Fairy Tale honestly idk there are way too many that I listen to all the time like Neon Tiger lol

    yes I have all their CD's but I also have every english pokemon game except the mystery dungeon and ranger ones so if you ever need help PM or VM
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