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    I am laughing at people getting offended about people's perception of fairies.
    I like how you're handling the thread, so I think this is your crowning moment of awesome right here.
    Thanks ^^, One of my Antagonists is Giovanni, (one because he's my favorite villan and two there's a myth about him i wanna expand on in the story) Another is a Demonic ninetails (who has a female counterpart, [a shiny one] that helps the protagonists try to stop him) the other is a surprise (Dont know who it is yet but i have big plans for them xD)
    As a result of inactivity between August 7 and the time of this message, your claim on Kingdra on Claim A Pokemon 5.0 has been dropped.
    Don't listen to those two guys on the first page: the whole of the north of England is a fiction created so the southerners would have something to be elitist about. I live in the North-West, so I know.
    Hey, I sorta couldn't help myself and made an HGSS-style Mufeer region map. What do you think?

    :D Win image is win :D

    That card's just awesome, I should add it to the Confirmed Pokemon Discussion in the social group :p

    Awe Inspire's damage should be OVER 9000 actually, but game balance should be kept in mind too, eh?

    I'm also sending a friend request your way ;)
    lol XD I've never done any of those "copy and paste this into your sig" chains before, but I'm SO TOTALLY doing this one :p
    Hahahaha, I thank you for introducing me to the Earmuff type XD

    I seriously have half a mind to create a "Earmuff or not" thread, just for the lolz of it :p
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