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  • Hey, I am so sorry! I got so busy with work and school that I kind of let my trading suffer, haha. I am still interested in the trade if you are! Thanks! :)
    good news your moltres is finally ready! as for events i generally prefer gen VI events but if you don't have any not on my list (remember to PM me the redemption date if you do) then older events are fine too, I just don't have a list for older events yet so harder to tell if I have it or not.
    Ah, then I'm sure we will indeed~ Well that's up to you! I do offer cloning completely free if you'd rather I not just take a clone; I don't mind trading for things hahah. I'm happy to do cloning anytime anyway!
    hey I just posted in my trade thread but sending you a VM just incase. Your moonball females are ready :)

    Also if you could send me a list of events so that I can pick something out for the moltres that would be great!

    Hopefully should be able to get the moltres cloned tonight, but if not I'll let you know when it gets cloned.
    Hahah me too! Please enjoy~ And please hit me up again if you'd like to trade again!
    Thank you for the trade!! Both of these two are adorable~ Much appreciated! c:
    Sorry for the wait! Cloning now, should be back on in the next couple minutes!
    Right, you told me to do that before I think hahah. Give me just a moment to do another trade and then I can clone them and send them back to ya! (Other guy needs cloning too so might as well do it as a batch.)
    Wow yer fast. I'll be online in a minute! I can clone your Pokemon as well, if you'd like~
    Indeed! I cloned them earlier to prepare. (I've also never been this prepared before lol.) You can find my FC in my profile!
    Wow, this is actually online when someone else is during the week! Would you have a bit of time to trade now (before I go to bed)?
    thanks for the trade! Enjoy volcanion :)

    and sorry for the delay I will let you know when the other stuff is ready!
    okay if you want to we can do that trade real quick before I have to go. I will need to add you again since my list is full. My FC is in my about me section. IGN: Justin
    if you want to we can do the volcanion for the mcdonald's hoopa since the volcanion is already cloned. and then I can pick something else out for the moltres.

    I will get those bred for you hopefully sometime tonight! I will let you know when I am able to trade again!

    send me a list again of your events available and I can pick something out for the moltres.
    hey there sorry my internet has been spotty and I had a bunch of PM's to reply to. Unfortunately the moltres hasn't gotten cloned yet, some stuff has come up with my fiancees dog she doesn't have much time left :(

    the volcanion is cloned and ready to go if you are still interested in that and if you decide which moonballs you want for the dreamball HA females then we could do that trade. Unfortunately will have to wait a couple of days to trade because of the dog situation (i have a bunch of pending trades it is getting overwhelming xD)

    So yea I will let you know next time I'm online. Sorry about the moltres. Good news is I'm going to probably get a 2DS soon so hopefully I will be able to do my own clowning after that :)
    okay! yea it shouldn't take too long if they are 50% females and 3 different abilities. 1/2 x 1/3 = 1/6 chance of getting the right combo :)

    and yea I'll let you know when I get the moltres clones which will hopefully be tonight!
    sounds great! Just make sure they are females with the hidden ability as well :)

    Hopefully should be able to get with my cloner tonight for the moltres, if not we can still do the volcanion trade once you look at my list again since the volcanion is already cloned several times :)
    also wanted to mention, make sure both the dream ball monsters, the whismer and mr mime are females. I generally only accept females as it has to be female to pass down the special ball.
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