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  • Don't worry too much about it, I'm sure she'll be okay with it. It's just generally best not to make assumptions, ask first and you're set. =)

    Hopefully that'll help - I don't remember the paper being very big (unless they just cut it up when they gave it to us, haha), nor did I know you could print onto them. Should have figured, though. I really love Scyther, so it was simple and perfect for me (especially when I didn't have any kind of reference). Here's an old pic.

    Making magnets is actually ridiculously easy. If you try the arts section of your local dollar store, you should be able to find magnet sheets, literally like sheets of paper with one side magnetic. It's as easy as printing out an image, gluing it to the front and cutting out the shape.

    You're gonna attack them?

    That's how you sound.

    You're gonna attack them?

    Imagine listening to that all day.

    *sighs* Yes. It is. ;_;

    Oooh, sounds epic. I love how you made it out like a movie-trailer. I wonder what's it about.. x3
    Hello, just a thought regarding ~.:Northern Lights:.~'s Pokémon badges, but maybe you should ask the artist for permission before declaring that you're going to use her art. Just as a courtesy to the artist - I know she gave me permission, and I don't think she would begrudge you use of them as well, but it may simply be more polite to ask first and make sure she's okay with it before you do anything. :)

    I would also just like to say I really like your shrinkey-dink idea - it was what I initially would have loved to do, but I thought magnets would be a lot simpler since I don't trust myself with shrinkey-dinks, and they can sometimes get folded or bent. I did make a Scyther's scythe one at camp once, but I've been far too afraid to actively use it as a key chain. XD

    mmm maybe.. I'm taking summer school classes to get ahead on my credits, but it's not like I have bad grades or anyhing like that. I just wanna get ahead of the game is all. I might return to msn though. Not a lot, but maybe; it's not a priority of mine atm anyway.
    ah finals D: I has them as well~ as for mah freedom, I have around 2 weeks left. Then after that I'll fall into my usual lazy ways. -shotshot-
    Yeah, I hate it when Fans go overboard. That's the 1 thing I'm not looking forward to about the download festival

    why is girlfriend in ""'s?
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