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Recent content by Mr. Joker

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    who r u ys i'm da hud

    who r u ys i'm da hud
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    Rate the signature (Update to rules: 1/8/12)

    8. I like the icons, but not the text font.
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    rip general chat thread 2011-2014

    what the heck happened?
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    woah name change

    woah name change
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    Gym Leaders and Elite Four Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

    I'd love to see the first Gym in your starting city to be Normal Type. I dunno why, but a Normal Gym would be a nice way to start off the game.
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    Rate the signature (Update to rules: 1/8/12)

    The banner is neat, although the Sugimori art clashes with the sprite style. The text isn't edited to match the banner however ;; I like the userbar though it doesn't fit with the sig. 6.
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    what glitches? ;;

    what glitches? ;;
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    Forum Upgrade Complete

    Not trying to be rude, but the forum looks really, really ugly on the new VB. I've been on a number of forums with the new VB and they all look really nice, but the old skins that made it onto VB don't look good. Maybe try to make a couple skins without the old boring banner on top. Or maybe...
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    what is this black magic

    what is this black magic
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    :rolleyes: poop

    :rolleyes: poop
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    is anyone in a relationship

    Single, although I am dating a girl right now.
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    [R A T E] rhwktaui [VI]

    Never, although I don't hang in the games too much. 0.
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    Good Ol' Rating of the User Title Above You

    No idea what A7X means, but I like knives. 6.
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    Gender Race V.3

    321 wooo.