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Recent content by Mr. Lex

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    Satoshi's Yonkama Manga

    I take it this means you've acknowledged my warning.
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    Age limit?

    Shouldn't the forum legally be required to have an age limit of 13 due to the open chat? Edit : Forgot to address the topic itself. I find age limits annoying myself, stupidity isn't going to be rooted out through age limits. I have to be 18 to register an account on the xkcd forums which is...
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    Game Informer's Top 200 games - guaranteed to annoy!

    If I can find my copy of the magazine, I'll scan the article, the list's suckage makes more sense if you read their description of the list. You also have to remember how many people were arguing over who makes the list and the order was probably a smaller issue for them compared to figuring out...
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    Fail Threads/Quotes

    Letters are serious business, you saw how mad he got.
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    Game Informer's Top 200 games - guaranteed to annoy!

    I tend not to get upset over lists like this because it's obviously not going to fully satisfy anybody. I doubt anybody on the Game Informers staff is fully satisfied by it either, they all have their own personal opinions s well. We should all know better than to be bothered or annoyed by...
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    How cruel are you?

    I remember when I found this game. Five years ago. Still kinda fun, though.
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    All I can say is that of all the annoying Facebook updates I get, the ones from Farmville are the ones I hate the most. I really don't want your stray sheep, nor do I want to play the game at all. Note : Anybody that's using popularity as a reason for a game to be good, then I'd like you to...
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    Gender Differences Q&A

    See, the child was raised either Catholic or Jewish. One person was clearly submissive. It's not entirely impossible, but raising your child fairly is impossible. You can't have the kid not learn either religion because at that point you're pushing Atheism and at the same time alienating him...
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    Christmas Wish

    I want to ride a missile that shoots missiles.
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    What's the most serious looking letter?

    If psi is a little too hardcore for you snare, I'll bring another one of my friends. Ϡ Meet sampi.
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    What's the most serious looking letter?

    You want pointy? I'll show you pointy. Ψ My boy psi.
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    What's the most serious looking letter?

    Damn, I guess he's discovered my secret. That I love letters other than the 26 in the English alphabet. With that revealed, he's going to report me for sure!
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    What's the most serious looking letter?

    So I guess you're not going to answer my question. Typical of racists these days.
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    What's the most serious looking letter?

    Regular alphabet? Which one? Greek, Latin, Chinese? I mean, seriously, there's lots of alphabets out there, I think you're one of those racists that only like Anglo-Saxon cultures.