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  • left the message in the trade shop you posted in please answer back thank you ^_^ which is silentreaper's trade shop...
    yeah that's ok. Last time I looked I had about 18 battle points so I can just buy one. I will go online now. You want anything? nother sableye or free?
    the choice band only lets it use the fist attack over and over. but switching out will free you from that. it boosts attack by 50%. let's say it had 300 attack. it would then be 450

    i have a power weight and power anklet but no power bracer. want those 2?
    your welcome. thanx for sableye. you good on items/ egg moves?
    here's some stuff i offer from my own trade thread:
    pp max, masterballs, choice scarf, choice band, choice specs, reaper cloth, lucky egg, black sludge, protector, electirizer, magmarizer, up-grade, dubious disc, metal coat, dragon scale, deep sea scale, deep sea tooth, king’s rock, soul dew, life orb, adamant orb, lustrous orb, fire orb, toxic orb, wide lens, zoom lens, scope lens, shed shell, razor fang, razor claw, wise glasses, muscle band, focus band, focus sash, expert belt, heart scale, rare candies, exp share, macho brace, shell bell, light ball, brightpowder, all evolution stones, all rare berries, and all tms.
    *yawn* whew! i'm tired
    i'll catch ya tomorrow with the male jolly outrage gible then
    enjoy the items. take it easy buddy. ;]
    message edit

    oh yea i can meet ya online now with the items. bring 6 filler pokes then cuz i'll throw in the electirizer too.
    sure do. just take it for free. i have more items than i know what to do with. XD
    it'll be on another fc though: 0474 1987 6690 Pidge
    so register this one too.
    oh okay. well i'll do it for another sableye XD lol
    i know a bunch of friends who like shinies so maybe i can trade it to them. but hey if you think of another offer let me know. i'm good on egg moves tho
    no probs and thank you for another sableye =D good luck finding an EV trainer.

    do you have other shinies to trade for gible btw?
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