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Mr. Reloaded
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  • Hi. :)

    I saw in your signature that you want people to share bottle caps with you. I just won a Gold bottle cap at Festival Plaza and I personally have no use for Bottle Caps, so I was wondering if you'd want the gold one I just got?
    You're online. I need help with someone I can trust.

    I need to evolve my trade evolutions - Porygon, Magmar, and a few others - in order to complete my Alola dex.
    "Greninja we haz some special bond gifs us hax powers"
    "Yes trainer that I choose after crapping on all the others, we are ze greitest"

    "SEE YA!"
    Power as in what? in Luffy arsenal? I'm not much of a power level guy, but at this point it seems pretty strong, took out Doffy with it, and let's see how it goes with the actual Cracker now.
    Haha, I didn't even see that, I mean I think I've seen the Killer theories, but not Bellamy. It still kind mysterious that we have never seen Killer face, but it could be for a different reason that will be explained later.
    She seems to be a little egotistical and likes to control things(marrying her daughters to other powerful people and forcing them to join her), who while it might seem genuine it seems like she is doing it for her own amusement.

    I guess we have to wait for the next chapters, I don't think things will be as simple as they look.

    I'm really liking Pudding, last chapter and this one were great for her.
    [Our favorite Pokemon seem to be in the same evolution line (take a look at my user name). I sometimes wish I had a pet Pikachu, the closest I can get is just a regular mouse]
    Haha yeah it's a disgrace, it makes up for a good laugh, I guess their moto of the fastest subs explains the awful translation.
    You know how there is considerable discussion on the safety of (American) football in recent years? I think on Pokemon there should be a story arc which discusses the safety of Pokemon battles and how they can take a toll on Pokemon who frequently battle.
    Haha I was completelly wrong, this is pretty cool though, they must be some real badasses if the Marines want to get their son to get to the others(I assume), its probably that or they kidnapped someone important.

    It's nice to see other groups of people, I still want an arc of badass strong bounty hunters.

    Also dat Luffy saying, so his wife will have to join us XD.
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