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  • O now I know what I was doing wrong I was offline the code is 4AJG-WWWW-WWW8-4RZL
    Yeah but Helio seems to be hesitant about it, and I can understand why. It would require people to breed their pokemon again, which is time consuming, but that's why I would make it in a month, to give people the time. If he doesn't want to do it I won't push the argument, but I actually like Morokei's other idea, of a second stage POkemon tournament, too.
    Morokei actually hit the nail on the head. I was hoping to do a sort of Little cup style event, minus the level 5 rule. If it gets through, I'd make it a level 50 unevolved POkemon battle, barring POkemon like Aerodactyl, Kangaskan and the like.
    fingers crossed. If Helilo likes my idea and thinks its feasible, people are going to be doing a lot of breeding over the next month xD
    I actually was going to do that. I was going to ask Cryuel how to do a doodle, since I've never heard of it beyond Trinity.
    Ah, I see, that makes sense then. If you can try and write "unofficial battle" just to avoid confusion when any of us update the spreadsheet. Of course, you've already beaten everyone, but what with some of the badges not being updated due to old triad positions, it confused me at least for a bit. ^_^
    Hey Mr.Y. I was updating the spreadsheet and noticed on page 135 that the team you used against Silver's Psychic Gym is completely different to the one registered in the spreadsheet. Can you help me understand how come? Thanks!
    you still have me registered right? I think I still have you registered, first round is up its you and lanrayu vs me and jhzaeth
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