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  • Yeah,it would make you 98% less weaker to Gengar lol,good team though,also you should have a team like this

    Filler/fire pokemon/water pokemon/grass pokemon/filler/filler

    Fire,Grass,Water cores work great in this metagame,jut rearrange your team a bit
    Glad you replied to me, I too have been battling since the 90's, in fact I purchased Blue Version the second day it was released in America (Yeah Nintendo Power did hype it up that much and they were right). As for my battle skills I consider myself to be average, but despite that I am confident in my team and we should be able to have battle soon, I will enter your FC on my Pad and hopefully I can catch you in the Wifi room.
    lol and what generation would you be referring to? I've been battling in tournaments and such since gen 1 was released. Don't patronize me please. You'll live longer ;) /sarcasm
    More intrigued then suprised. I personally use a mirror coat suicune, its not often I see tailwind used with a bulky spA varient. typically cm builds include rest-sleeptalk.
    Your prized pokemon? You mean suicune? I didn't judge it I simply inquired as to how is was capable of what it did. a suitable respond would be something like, i trained it in def and spA and its bold, or something like that ;)
    Anyway, regardless my judgement is, you have good ideas thats for sure, I think that the pokemon that is the most flexible you have is the Ambipom. Also I personally think swampert isn't a very good rain dance user namely do to his low speed. You have a lot of potential just you lack maximum synergy throughout your team(s). But overall I can see you in a war in the not to distant future.
    also i'm very curious as to how your suicune lived through a STAB +2 max attack life orbed u-turn from a scizor and was still able to do so much damage to umbreon. (which is calm max spD and hp)
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