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  • Don't be disheartened by the locking; once you're familiar with the stuff, you'll get into it. Hopefully you've read the link provided by Aquadon in your thread (this one), but if not, do read it. You need to have better natures. For example, a Calm nature does nothing good for Braviary. Calm lowers its Attack stat in favor of its Special Defense. Braviary is a physical attacker, not a wall of any sorts. That's why Aquadon is recommending you go with a Adamant or Jolly nature. An Adamant nature raises Braviary's Attack stat while dropping its Special Attack stat, which is useless on it. For Jolly, it raises its Speed stat while dropping the same stat - Special Attack.

    EVs play an effective role of improving your Pokemon's stats. With 252 EVs in a stat, a Pokemon can get 63 points in it, which can be very useful in dealing more damage, taking more hits, or outspeeding a certain Pokemon. You can read more in Blue Harvest's guide (labeled in this VM as "this one").

    Once you get the hang of EVs/IVs/natures, let me know!
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