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  • Anyway, I am still mad on that person for making me believe that I could be at least friends with him.. For the other parts I am fine I guess. I tried to ask old friends out by sending them mails etc. I must not expect that they would answer, from my psychologist. But at least I send 5 friends invitations. And I will go "out" with one other friend soon enough.

    I know everything may sound weird. But my life is weird. And life is unfair. Especially to me. I know a lot of other people also have unfair lives. But some are literally saying they have the worst life because of one thing not happening like how they want it to happen. I do have much more of a reason however.
    My big crush on someone ended, he wanted to have nothing to do with me outside of uni... Yeah and I thought friendship was a possibility. Thus that means people that would consider me to be able to be a friend would be either quiet or non existent..
    I see. At least you did it! I often skip homework xD. And ehm, I am okayish. I do have a big crush on someone. And things seem to be well. but also I am just confused over it. And it can still go to all sides.
    I see catching up (in the club) is not an option, cause you missed probably 1000+ posts xD. Anyway how are you?
    It is allmost a month ago that I left a comment here. You probably forgot who I am but hi. Oh and Andy also still lives and enjoys his life, as he says. Anyway leave him a comment please.
    I mean someone (not from internet) blocked me on msn, and I discovered it since I still have my old account. He was online ad the old account and offline at the new. Aswell about the pm I don't find it that strange, aswell I let someone else read my pm (that I wrote you) and he didn't found it strange aswell.

    Maybe it is true that a lot of people find me weak. And that a lot people leave me, because I become slightly more dependant on them because I lost a friend. But how silly is that :S

    Edit: so in case you experience the same troubles with me, and think I am the one to blame, then feel free to go/stop ehm you know
    Could you say something? I am kinda waiting for you. . Aswell someone else blocked me without reason I don't know what happends but yeah
    Are you ehm, mad at me? I don't know a "less" word for it. Yeah maybe angry. Or scared to answer, or whatever.
    I don't know what you mean by "enjoy your time with him" nor by "that gave you the trigger to talk right?"
    The.. food? What am I missing out on! Ah well =/ you've still not replied haha. *Crosses off another day* You're dead, aren't you =P
    I am guessing that you won't be replying any time soon =(. Still, even if you're on just for a bit, please say hi haha. From what Umreunatic's been implying, you've been coming on very late indeed. For some reason I've been going to bed at 9pm recently, and I'll be doing the same tonight. I guess you're busy with a lot of things, but hey, as I say, even if I'm offline, you can still leave me a PM. I'll reply in my own time.

    Have a good Sunday evening, and I'll hopefully catch you sometime after school next week.

    Take care!
    =/ Sucks, you never came back. Hey, even if I'm offline, feel free to leave me messages. Otherwise I have to wait days before you get back to me! D:

    Also, a fight with your dad? =(

    See you around, and please reply ASAP!!
    I got bored whilst you were away, so I wrote a story for you ^_^.

    ~ Simple Pleasures ~

    Look! The meadows are teeming with life! Flora and fauna blossom and bloom, such pastel shades so beautifully painted against those sapphire skies! Basking in the glorious amaranthine Summer rays are the timeless orchards. Countless trees bear ripe apples, their juicy crisp flesh encapsulated within glistening coats of emeralds and rubies. This garden of Eden, so gloriously preserved by nature, is a realm known not by man. Bronze leaves of Autumns past blanket the rich soils, their chestnut swirls entwined with various shades of brown and green. Look! There flies the bumble bee, its fur so soft! Flowers! Beautiful flowers! I am filled with such glee! Oh! What could that be on the horizon? So perpetual, so dark, so deep and all.. consuming.. oh CRAP.

    WHAT THE **** IS THAT?



    [Unfortunately this piece was never completed due to the Hadron Collider’s inevitable failure at preventing a premature apocalypse]
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