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Mrs. Lovett
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  • Your defenetly on good terms with me so far ^_^ Its issues that would really involve people getting hurt that bother me anyways. Otherwise I can be pretty cool about a lot of things *nod nod* Or at least I try to be :) I can get kind of confused at times...(but im trying my best^^; trust me...i'm still working on it...)
    I'm the person who's always invisable :D Because I have way too many people on my friend list lolol XD *make's friends with EVERYONE. everyone*

    What about you?

    I might make my avatar another Pikachu one XD Pikachu's adorable.
    haha lol! Sounds like a lot of work no matter what, although I do like the final few weeks quiz! :D helps just make it better and easier for the student!
    Hey, I finally caught up. I want to let you know that I'm enjoying the story greatly (I was reading roughly a full page a day each day I read some) and I eagerly look forward to it continuing. You really have a strong, well thought out storyline backed up by compelling characters. Those are your strongest suits.
    I'm still reading, at least a couple chapters a day. Should be caught up not too long from now.

    One question I had. Maybe this is absolutely asinine of me to wonder, but did Richard run away or did he commit suicide? The wording of the note suggests he may have killed himself.

    I just wanted to let you know I started reading Roots. I've read two chapters so far, and my main thought so far is that I wish I read it sooner. I'm enjoying your take on Rowan as a young man, and you really are doing a great job embracing the earlier decade as a setting. It's very charming.

    I'll leave a review post once I read everything, which might take a while, but I will do it.
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