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Mrs. Lovett
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  • That's brilliant! I hope that all works out :D And I completely understand your last point there! I really really really really really really really want to write so much for my two stories but I just don't have the time sometimes, with work etc. and then when I do I'm too tired or not in the right frame of mind to write and so just watch the TV. I wish things were easier lol!
    Heya! I'm really good thanks :D how are you doing? And same I've just seemed to have no time at all lately and unfortunately haven't been writing for a while *sob* lol! What are you going to be doing?
    You lucky person! Things are bad for me in writing sense! I've done nothing due to busy life etc! I need discepline but that may be sorted sooner than I think!
    hmm that's true! It might also be that this week has been tough cos it's the first week of 6th FOrm for me so I'll see if I can get back into it all afterwards!
    Ah I see lol. I really need to just get motivated enough to just not get distracted or get a concentrating mind that doesn't wonder and just stay true to what I'm writing. I hate the fact that I love writing and I hate the fact that even though I want to write I just end up getting distracted.
    hmm so do you write on paper then and type it up or turn off the itnernet! unforuntaely I can't do that in my hous though lol!
    Oh okay, thats a really interesting point actually! I just find that I know what I want to write and can be bothered to write it but then when I get the laptop out I then just easily get distracted nowadays with other things
    Yay welcome back! I need a kick up my backside to get me back into the writing gear and at least get Chapter 22 posted! Also glad you got a new idea, and I totally agree with the random spur moments! Love them to bits because you suddenly get new directions to follow and a new plan to tackle a hinderance
    Yes that is such a benifit, you can pick and choose and then create, no matter what it is lol! I just wrote a couple of poems lol and some other stuff and its so fun because you can write anything! And I agree about the thinking asset thing, its not like a completely new thing at all!
    Ah did you, well I'm sure you were epic at it : ) and good luck with your writing! I do hope that you can sort all of the fan fics and so on out with school going on, I wish you the best of luck! I know the difficulties there!
    Hmm exactly, and like I stated people can't draw such as I whereas others make it so easy lol. And I'm excited to see about Roots! Can't wait to catch up now! I wonder what plans you have in store?
    Good luck with your planning by the way, is the story plan to make it a journey fic? and yes people say the same to me but as you stated I never notice it lol because writing is something that comes naturally to me, I suppose in a way it's like a gift where some people can draw and others just can't
    Ah okay well I think I'll try some things out here and there. And good luck with your writing! I know what you mean about not being able to write but all of a sudden I have lol and can't stop! Also I got a job today! YAY! lol
    Hmm maybe I should consider cutting down on that then, although in the recent Chapter I'm writing it has somewhat of a relevance and makes Max ponder over having to now travel alone, which he later decides would be a fatal decision if he did take it lol. I do love your writing style though because everything seems valid and important, and I got that from only 2 Chapters of roots! I should probably read more soon.
    I completely understand exactly what you're saying there. I generally have at least something relveant and major occuring because I hate to write 'babbel' lol however I do have 'filler intros' just to gage where I am and also to help guide the readers in and set up the characters. But I'm thinking that I see how you mean escapes can cause sidetracking though there, if I get too sidetracked then even more problems may occur in my writing I suppose
    Yea that last statement is one that I struggle with a lot lol! If my writing isn't fruitful then I generally give up but not anymore! I vow a change lol! And I totally get where you're coming from with the pointless Chapter thing! I think that if you take the start of most of my chapters with the little pointless introductions that are just general character habbits then you'de have a very long piece of nothing lol! But as you said it's fun to just escape from all the drama every now and again!
    Haha brilliant little joke lol! I know this one author who came into our school and he stated that even after he published something, he still made small changes for himself such as a certain character doing something slightly different. In one instance he even said that a character who made it all the way through the series was completely edited out by him when he had published it because he said he was always tempted to kill him off. I'm thinking about writing a lot today, and I need to put that thought into action really lol! I'm so excited for where Max is heading!
    Yea it is useful to continue to revise it as well! And I find that if I have something written quite far in advance then it makes it easier to do edits or slight plot changes because you're not heavily restricted by a time limit or you're not trying to rush your writing just to get something out and published/posted
    Hmm I suppose that's very true, although I wish I had loads of Chapters pre-written and so that they're all ready and edited and I have a number of Chapters done already so that incase I miss a few dates I shall be able to keep up! lol! Does that make sense?
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