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  • Hey =) university is going pretty well thanks, sorry I'm not on here, but there's always stuff going on, so time is short. I'll be super active during holidays though, hopefully, to make up for it :D I saw you posted something on my profile like 2 hours ago but deleted it? What was it?
    we should battle some time.

    @chaos emperor thats what happens to corrupt children who watch too much "dark" anime.
    I dont need to fight girls away; my looks scare them away. :( Im ok with hiding from women. im working on detaching myself from people.
    Hi back. Unfortunately I wont find someone. :( I have no self-esteem, and am awkward as all hell. I would like a relationship, but am too afraid to try. thanks anyway though.
    Yeah, I agree. But there's a lot of foresting and hunting in Thailand which makes it difficult. Even in protected national parks, hunters still find ways in and kill them, it's horrible =( they're so sweet and lovely.
    I'll have to see. The sanctuary I worked at didn't do anything for it. They mostly just take in rescued/abused gibbons or those that used to be pets, so they've lost natural instincts and stuff. Plus, over the last 75 years, the population has drastically plummeted, so Pharanee doesn't feel they'd have any sort of chance out in the wild.
    We are both pretty awesome ;) I hope I can go back to the gibbon sanctuary before too long, but obviously there's the whole money thing =/
    Thank you =) I'll be going to bed in a minute or two though, so I'm leaving it until tomorrow. When I also need to finish chapter 4 of my fic. And practice guitar. Busy day, yay!

    What do you mean you're too old for it? My brother goes on PO sometimes and he's 24! And I'm sure most people on there are our age.
    Yeah, but you can only use Pokemon in their lowest evolution stages, at level 5. It's an entirely different metagame, and the EVs are a lot more complicated as well..it's difficult to learn, but I'll try anyway =) how is PO going for you?
    Awww yay, I got a hug ^-^ you can have one too *hugs* how have you been lately then? I'm looking into Little Cup at the moment.
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