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I always have a couple of rare events/shiny flawless pokemon on me at any given time, which I occasionally swap out for others via trade. Will consider all offers for anything, really. I tend to pester people when I want something, so if I make you an offer, please reply quickly! I really like shiny pokemon! I have started breeding perfect pokemon, with my first success being Cyndaquil. My one real pet peeve is when people reject one of my offers, but don't tell me what they WOULD like. I can probably find a way to get you one if you tell me! General want lists aren't good enough; I need specifics! Please, feel free to inquire about trades, and have a nice day!

Competitive battling on Pokemon Showdown. Username is MrThEsTaN. Challenge me if you dare.
Mar 23, 1996 (Age: 26)
The Forest Moon of Endor
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lol what is this


Rarely use these forums anymore
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